Trey Burke’s NBA decision could come Sunday

Dylan Burkhardt

Trey Burke is planning to make his NBA draft decision this Sunday, according to interviews on ESPN SportsCenter and ESPN Radio.

“It’s still up in the air,” Burke said Friday live on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” “It’s a decision I’ll definitely be announcing here in the next couple days.”

The sophomore point guard then went on with ESPN Radio 710-AM in Los Angeles and said he’d likely make up his mind Sunday.

“I think that will be the day that I decide,” Burke told LA hosts “Mason and Ireland” during a co-interview with Victor Oladipo. “I think it’s time to make a decision so I can move forward and kind of get the (national title loss) in the past so I can move forward.”

  • Tufox

    I still think Burke will go pro but it would be amazing if he came back. If comes back I think it would definitely think it would influence the other 3. Seems like everyone is projecting Burke, Hardaway, Robinson, and McGary will all go and starting writing us off for next year. If all four come back it would have to make us the favorite going into next season. Hoping for at least two of the four return. Either way the future is bright in Ann Arbor…WE STILL ON!

  • ZRL

    Do you think Trey really hasn’t decided yet? If he already knows he’s going pro, why not announce it already like a bunch of other prospects have?

    • A2JD

      Those players had their seasons end earlier so they’ve had more time to decide. Plus, coming within minutes of a National Championship has to be stinging a bit and the urge to come back must be strong. A competitor like Trey has to have a bad taste in his mouth and the dream of going pro may have taken a back seat, at least for a couple of days.

      If Michigan had won, he probably would have already jumped to the pros by now.

  • DingoBlue

    It’s so nice to have a smaller window between the end of the season and learning which of these team members are going pro. We likely will now only find out within a few days instead of a week’s worth of speculation.
    Trey, whatever you decide to do, Michigan fans are proud of you.

    • jemblue

      It might be nice for fans, but it’s not so good for the players, who have less time than ever to make a life-altering decision. I’m disappointed in the NCAA for moving up the withdrawal deadline all the way to April 16. They are not taking their athletes’ best interests into consideration.

  • deSal

    they should just pull his scholarship so he has to enter the draft. he’s projected top 10 now, go get that bread.

    • serious

      I actually also want Burke to go pro; he has earned his pay day – go take it. You expressed this in a terrible way. I think this is why you are getting downvoted. ‘Pull his scholarship?’ Really?

      • deSal

        …………..I was joking, grossly overstating he should enter the draft. I highly doubt they’d pull anybody’s scholarship, let alone the wooden award winners.

  • OPD

    Maybe he wants to come back to sweep Craft next year??? Somebody should put that subliminal message on his ipod. :)


    I know its unlikely, but it would be real cook if he came back and led us back to the title game and end with a victory.

  • Joel_C

    That quote gives away that he’s going pro – “move forward and kind of get the national title loss in the past so I can move forward” – not that we all didn’t see it coming since mid-December.

  • Pnickel

    Don’t risk coming back Burke, you put this program on solid ground & swept all the postseason awards. Go get it!

  • Bird

    Funny how the “Related Posts” tags a couple on Trey Ziegler. Thinking back, missing on him and Prather seemed like rock bottom, right? Well, maybe not rock bottom–not in a world that includes Brian Ellerbe. It was a low point. Anyway, it’s been a little bit fun since then.

    And I’m not feeling so bad for the student athletes with regard to the abbreviated evaluation period and tightened deadlines. Leave and make more money than 99% of your cohort now, or stay and continue your free education while being a rock star at your school — and make your money one year later. I’ll find someone else to feel bad for.

    Good luck, Trey, and thank you. Come back and get your degree someday!

    • jemblue

      Not all of these guys are guaranteed to make it big financially. There is a *huge* difference between being a first and second-round pick (or being undrafted) in terms of contract security. For a guy like Hardaway, who is borderline, the NCAA is not doing him any favors by cutting off the return date before he can receive much NBA input.

  • mistersuits

    The “decision” is many things, but one thing it most certainly is not it “up in the air”. Best of luck in a long and amazing pro career Trey.

  • gobluemd16

    Press conference tomorrow at Crisler announced for 1:30 pm. #staytrey!

  • Brad S