Jalen Rose wants a Fab Five reunion in Atlanta

Dylan Burkhardt

Jalen Rose is flying on Magic Johnson’s plane to Atlanta and will be in attendance for Michigan’s Championship Game on Monday night. He wants his Fab Five teammates to join him.

While recording a special edition of Bill Simmons’ podcast, Rose pleaded for the Fab Five to reunite at the Georgia Dome on Monday. Rose said he expects Jimmy King and Ray Jackson to be in attendance and added that Juwan Howard is likely to join as well.

Chris Webber remains as the notable exception.

“While [Chris] loves us like brothers, and vice versa, there has been a communication separation that has basically taken place since we all were teammates,” Rose explained to Simmons. “I think the timeout had a lot to do with it.

“Here’s what I mean. I think he wants to disassociate himself with that moment (the timeout), and with the school, in theory with us to kind of rebuild his life mentally to say, ‘My career really started my rookie year in the NBA.'”

The majority of Rose’s frustration stems from the fact that Chris Webber lives in Atlanta and is expected to be in town on Monday.

“He lives in Atlanta and the network that he works for has a show Tuesday night. So Monday night the world knows that he’s going to be in Atlanta,” Rose told Simmons. “So its almost like a flagrant omission for him not to come.”

Although he hasn’t spoken with Webber, he reached out his former teammates via text message to organize the reunion – including Chris.

“Just like I just texted Ray Jackson, just like I just texted Juwan Howard,” Rose went on. “I also texted Chris Webber.”

Rose wants the Fab Five to reunite because he thinks it would be special for a group that idolizes the former Wolverines.

“How about just be there for Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glenn Robinson III, players that idolized us,” said Rose. “Tim Hardaway Jr. has been walking around campus with a ‘Free Fab Five’ shirt for three years.”

  • Wassup Jalen

    I think I donated like $25 at the beginning of the year, which works out to about $0.000003 per post. Best money I ever spent. Thank you so much for all the coverage.

  • Jon

    There’s an endless circle jerk going on at mgoblog amongst the commenters. It’s annoying to read through some of the pro/neutral/anti fab five. I don’t care either way. I don’t agree that, if they are there, it is taking away from this years team. There seems to be some that think this is all a sort of “publicity stunt” by fab fivers. That’s unlikely in my opinion.

    Like I said, either way is fine. Go blue. Beat the ville.

    • I would never expect that sort of behavior in the MGoBlog comments ;-)

  • Michael needsadamnvacation Hil

    I’ve been waiting almost twenty years for this moment and so has the rest of the Michigan fans and alumni. Leave the past in the past Chris and cherish the future. This a once in a lifetime moment and you lived it twice come out and support these young guys because in the end you’re part of the reason their parents allowed to attend.

    • DingoBlue

      I completely respect Jalen’s position. This game on Monday is about this TEAM that John Beilein has coached. But Jalen and his college teammates played a large role in establishing a Michigan legacy that (on the court) Michigan can be proud of. I truly hope all five of them can come together and enjoy themselves as they watch this TEAM do what it can against a truly great B-ball team this season.

      Truth be told, I’m not a big guy on capitalizing “team” but I did feel its appropriate because I do think that those 15 guys are what we are all about right now.

  • Jermaine West

    What up Jalen!! Man I have been a fan of Michigan Basketball for a long time. Although I support the team, I love Trey Burke, Mitch McGary, Tim Hardaway Jr., Glenn Robinson III, Nik Stauskus and everybody, I have NOT bought any Michigan gear since they did the School threw the FAB Five under the bus. There have been more egregious things that have been done in other schools! I don’t think Chris should have to apologize to anybody, only to the family of Ed Martin. I think the Michigan Athletic Department and Administrators are some of the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES out there! The AD and President said they were associated with something very wrong. REALLY!? They did not speak out about the racial letters that you guys received back then, and that is something that would be wrong to be associated with from”so-called” Michigan Alums. The AD and President also said they were ashamed, but they were not ashamed enough to give back all the money that they made from the TV contracts, the apparel or refunded the money they made from those ticket sales when you guys played for UM. Bottom line I will be pulling for the current squad because I support those kids! I look at you guys as an extended basketball family and I would always stand with you guys! Those Banners need to be put back up, those wins reinstated and that FAB 5 Banner that you talked about needs to be put up to. A lot of my friends stand with you guys to and this BS NEEDS TO STOP! JJJRC FAB 5 4 LIFE!! Much love to you guys!!

  • andrew

    I remember where I was when we last were here. I remember the couch I was laying on. I remember the color of the carpet in my old house. Do I remember the timeout yes, but do I live or die by that one moment no. Everyone makes mistakes Christ just did in front of millions of ppl. Its ok buddy l.i.g. It man let it go.we still lve ya man. Go blue forever!

  • maquih

    IMHO it comes down to the players Monday night. What do they want? What will give them an emotional boost? They want Chris in the stands!

    • mstein23

      I agree with this. If the current team wants it, I’m all for it. Otherwise, timing is everything regarding a Fab reunion. And based on where things stand today with C-Webb and UM, and even C-Webb and the other Fab 5 members, it’s not the right time.

  • TNovak

    Jalen, stay away, please! This year’s team does not need the distraction of a Fab Five reunion. You guys had your day. Let this year’s team have theirs.

    • Ben

      I don’t think they will be distracted by a few forty year old spectators, they are playing for the national championship.

      • TNovak

        It might be OK if they’re just sitting somewhere up in the stands, just as long as it’s not behind the Michigan bench. They certainly don’t want them in the locker room before the game.

  • Dbama9

    Show up C Webb! All of us Fab Five fans and the kids from this team(Burke and Co.) would love for you to be there, man! No matter what, you are a wolverine legend. You have to be there Webb

  • Dr_ZC

    The Fab Fife is an Era that belongs in the PAST Michigan BB history. They cannot play basketball now, so there is no focus to be diverted from the current team. Jalen was clear on what he said, and why he wanted the Fab Five members to be on the game. To show support to the current team and appreciation for what they have done to Michigan Basketball.

    If Glen Rice or past Michigan greats (Russel, Tomjanovich, Mills, ..) want to attend, why not? They are honoring the program and they regognize UM’s basketball rebirth.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    Fab 5 brought millions in revenue to the university, college basketball…they are true Wolverines, and always show love to who ever is on the current team…as previously mentioned…like Cazzie, Glen Rice and Rudy want to attend to support the alma mater so should the fab 5, maceo baston, travis conlan, Maurice taylor, jamal Crawford, dairies morris, manny harris, zack novk, laval Blanchard, dugan fife, rob pelinka, graham brown etc…lol….fab 5 is also a part of Michigan basketball/athletics…

    • Fab 5 Legends

      regardless of the mistakes C Webb and those involved with Ed MArtin made…today is a celebration of MICHIGAN BASKETBALL – win or lose

  • paul

    Anyone have a picture of Hardaway Jr. in the “free fab five” tshirt?

  • Ehab El Sharkawy

    I hope CWebb makes it for the game. I don’t know that he is trying to disassociate from the memory of the timeout by avoiding his teammates and the university, rather it is an awkward necessity due to the mandated ban from associating with UM. Maybe he is waiting for that to end later this year and then come out with his feelings on everything ( or he is saving it all for his autobiography).

    In any case saw this piece in the NY Times on the situation for those who missed it:


  • GO Blue !!!

  • Conswela Johnson

    Fab 5 vs Lebron, Wade, Kobe, Shaq, & Odom !!!!!!!!!……..

    Please, I want to see this happen!!!

    For Charity!!!!!