Video: John Beilein talks Final Four and a brief look inside Michigan’s practice


John Beilein addressed the media this afternoon and let them inside the gym to catch the end of practice. Watch Beilein’s comments in the embedded media player below or find footage from practice — warning: predominantly jump shooting (and a Josh Bartelstein dunk) — after the jump.

  • Brian

    Not good, Hardaway’s shot is looking off even in practice

    • MGoTweeter

      I wasnt counting but he took what 15 some shots maybe 20 in that clip? Missed a bunch in a row at the beginning then he made a bunch in a row in the middle (5/6 or 6/9 something like that). Sounds like normal Th Jr shooting. He’s a streaky shooter, I don’t think it is anything to read into.

      • ForeverBlue

        I’d have to watch it again, but i didn’t see him make a bunch in a row. Stauskas, Spike and LeVert were looking good though. Lots of rim clangs in the second group.

      • matt

        It’s funny you guys bring this up. I was at the games in Arlington and watched Burke warm up a couple of times, particularly during HT against Kansas. He didn’t shoot it well at all, even getting frustrated at one point it appeared. We all know how that turned out.

  • MGoTweeter

    if I had to pick anyone in the world besides myself or my immediate family to raise my kids, I would pick John Beilein. It amazes me that a guy can be around college basketball and all the dirt that surrounds it as a sport, and stick to his values despite the ever increasing pressure to win at any cost.

  • Salmaan Noor


    What are your thoughts on what the man to man assignments will be for us on defense? Specifically MCW. Obviously there’s a size issue with Burke and too athletic for Stauskas. Hardaway would be the ideal guy to guard but he will have to probably matchup with Sutherland. My guess is still Burke on MCW, Stauskas on Triche, Hardway on Sutherland (6th man but will of course play bulk of minutes), GR3 on Fair, and McGary against their big man (Christmas/Keita).



  • rlcBlue