Mitch McGary’s draft stock rising, but he plans to return

Dylan Burkhardt

Chad Ford is of the opinion that Mitch McGary could be a first round pick:

McGary clearly has benefitted from the play of point guard Trey Burke. Burke has been awesome at putting McGary in a position to score. Without him, I doubt he’d be putting up these numbers. However, McGary’s motor, toughness and agility are all key indicators of potential NBA success. So is his excellent offensive rebounding percentage that has him ranked seventh in the country.

What if McGary declares for the NBA draft this year? I think he goes somewhere in the first round. Where will likely depend on workouts.

UPDATE: Kyle Meinke reports at that McGary plans on returning to school.

“I haven’t even thought about (leaving),” he told after practice Tuesday at the Crisler Center. “I don’t have a decision to make — I’m coming back.”

Is he 100 percent sure?

“Yeah,” he said with a laugh. “I’m coming back.”

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  • Northern Blue

    There is a possibility we lose 4/5ths of our starting line up between this year and next year. Would be great to see everyone back except for Trey (wouldn’t make sense for him to come back) but that probably doesn’t happen. Oh well, that is the nature of college ball now a days. Weak draft this year, with a strong draft next year means most of these kids are going to be advised to enter the draft this year. As long as they are solid in the first round it is kind of hard to blame them.

  • Guest

    LateMoney says that if we win it all this year, say goodbye and thanks to Burke, McGary and GRIII. LM wishes the latter two would stay, but something tells LM that’s wishful thinking. Hardaway may be gone away, too. Could be interesting next year.

    • John ODonnell

      Anyone who thinks McGary leaves on the strength of two great games in this tournament is nuts. GRIII probably isnt leaving either. They are nothing but potential. With another year of seasoning, perhaps two years in McGary’s case, they could be high lottery picks instead of late first rounders.
      Of course kids make stupid decisions on bad advice all the time.

  • Champswest

    I would be highly surprised if McGary leaves this year (regardless of the final four results) and mildly surprised if Robinson leaves. Burke is gone for sure and Hardaway is likely to go, especially the further we go in the tournament. IMHO.

  • Cheechmo


  • Little Perm

    I am so not thinking about this this week.

  • Mith

    I will be utterly crushed if we lose all 4 of those guys. It’s rough being a college fan,you know? You just start getting attached to some of these guys and then they take off for the pros. I wish kids stayed for 4 years.

    • David

      But if they can get paid… good for them.

  • I get the vibe that Mitch loves being in college and is close with the other Freshman, I think we get a 2nd year, especially if they don’t win it all.

  • snoopblue

    If we won it all and they leave? It’s okay. Even if they don’t win it all and Burke, Hardaway and whoever else leaves – it’s great for this program long run. Putting players in the NBA is never bad. Think Kentucky with ethics. I’m probably dreaming because it doesn’t look like JB recruits one and dones, but maybe he was never able to and now it’s different? I also think that some of these guys might be enjoying college and want to stick around regardless of the projections. With Beilein, Bartelstein’s father being an agent, Tim Hardaway Sr. being a scout for the Heat and all the other NBA family experience on this team it’s hard to imagine someone making a bad decision based on misleading information.

    Maybe we give Andrew Wiggins and Chris Walker a call, just in case? Because, uh,

    • Steve2081

      I don’t want to be Kentucky even with ethics.

      • snoopblue

        Yeah, I spoke too soon. I hate Kentucky. Michigan can define it’s own mold of how to operate a successful college basketball program in today’s landscape.

        • Northern Blue

          Yeah, this Kentucky one and done factory I don’t really like. It’s funny that we could possibly have two one and done’s however. They are going to be unreal again next year though. If Wiggins goes, they could be better than last years championship winning team. I hope he goes to Kansas or Florida State.

  • Lester Abram

    There are many reasons to stay or leave, but one to leave that annoys me is this: “weak draft this year, strong draft next year.” Last year, I remember hearing the same thing when Burke was contemplating leaving. While the draft statement may be true, it seems that Burke played himself from late-first-round-early-second-round-pick last year into a potential lottery pick this year.

    An alleged stronger draft next year seems to assume that the player won’t improve by staying at Michigan and getting more tutelage on how to lead a team or to be a winner. The NBA doesn’t allow for much development, because expectations are based on money and winning now. Look at Darius Morris. An NBA player has to invest in his own development in the NBA, whereas college coaching seems to have more patience. Look at the patience that Beilein and staff had with developing McGary.

    • Northern Blue

      I agree with you on the weak draft this year, strong draft next year. Last year was more to do with weak point guard draft outside of Kyrie Irving that was being told to Burke. Anyways, the reality is that people are going to tell this to these players, as next draft is suposed to be excellent, but in my opinion that is more to do with the top 5 to possibly top 10 picks… It is going to be extremely top heavy as Wiggins, Parker, and Randle could all be franchise calibre players. Ussually outside of the top ten picks all drafts are relatively the same.

      And I totally agree with you, especially regarding Robinson, I just don’t see how he gets any meaningful minutes next year… he’s not yet a great shooter, needs to improve his handle and slashing game, defence, rebounding… bascically he needs to polish up everything, which it is easy to see him doing because he is not completely green in these areas and he has a good understanding of the game, but it takes time. Might as well use the great facilities, play almost 40 minutes a game for a good program in a good conference with plenty of exposure and great coaching. But money talks and I know Glenn has a mother and grandmother he has already stated he wants to never have to worry about money again. Anyways, its their decision, they’ve played their hearts out, and they owe us nothing, it won’t upset me if they leave, and i wish them the best of luck if they do. Just like when Darius left, which is probably a worse choice than Mitch or GR3, Michigan bball will go on. It might even prevent other transfer situations due to lack of playing time.

    • David

      This is my bugbear, so I can’t resist: Stop with the dogma about Darius. You have so many unfounded assumptions in your post.

      About Darius: dude has had 2 seasons of NBA contracts, has been able to invest his time in his game instead of taking crappy college classes, and will be closer to his second contract should he stick around in the NBA.

      You assert he would magically get better spending a year in college over a year in the NBA, but I think that’s a highly dubious assumption.

      • John

        Well, if he would have stayed in college another year I do think he would have gotten better. Now would that rate be higher than going pro? Who knows, lets assume its the same. He would have ended up being a 1st round pick and would have made more money. I think his situation would be different now in the pro’s if he would have stayed another year.

  • MH_20


  • A2JD

    I think both McGary and GR III can play their way into being Top-10 picks next year. The reasons to come back far outweigh the reasons to leave, at this point. I also think that Mitch is having a blast as a college student. He may as well continue to enjoy that for at least another year.

  • Nick

    I love these snippets but should you really be posting this? ESPN charges money to read this and you just killed any incentive I had to purchase ESPN Insider.

    • Actually didn’t notice it was ESPN Insider.. It’s also quoted at the Free Press, FWIW. There’s also a couple other paragraphs for your enjoyment if you read the whole article.

    • John

      This is quoted everywhere including many free news places.

  • Andy
  • David DeMember

    If Bo were alive today, I think he’d call Mitchell McGary a true Michigan Man… god I love that kid. Hearing about him Facetiming with Novak after the Florida win was just awesome. Everyone was worried how we’d replace Novak’s intensity… and here Novak was probably the biggest reason McGary came to AA.

  • Fab 5 Were Better

    Why is everyone assuming Hardaway is leaving? I think we will only lose Burke with everyone else coming back. Timmy would up his draft stock with an excellent senior year with more consistency. McGary, GRII & Timmy Jr. could all go in the top 15 next year.

  • BlueBear_E

    My “way too early” predictions for the starting line-up next year

    Start of the season (exhibition and gimmies):

    1- Spike Albrecht
    2- Nik Stauskas
    3- Zak Irvin
    4 – Glenn Robinson III
    5 – Mitch McGary

    Coach sites Morgan’s leadership in guiding the second as a reason he comes off the bench, but he is also more comfortable with 4 perimeter players on the floor to start the game

    By the End of the Big Ten Season:

    1- Derrick Walton – Derrick Walton
    2- Nik Stauskas – Nik Stauskas
    3- Glenn Robinson III – Zak Irvin
    4- Jordan Morgan – Glenn Robinson III
    5- Mitch McGary – Mitch McGary

    As Beilein ever evolves he decides to go with two part-time starting line-ups depending on the match-up. In the “Big” line-up listed on the left Morgan and McGary play a hybrid 4-5 with McGAry taking most of the 5 responsibilities on D and playing the 4 on O.