Video: John Beilein talks NCAA tournament, South Dakota State


John Beilein met with the media Sunday evening to discuss Michigan’s NCAA tournament draw, South Dakota State and the current state of the Wolverines. Watch Beilein’s press conference in the embedded media player below:

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  • Wayman Britt

    So I hope Burke doesn’t take this as a personal match up with him against Wolters, like the match up with Craft. I would hate to see four guys just standing around watching Trey on offense.

    • ForeverBlue

      When Morris left I figured Beilein would go back to his kind of offense which I never considered required a ball dominating PG. I don’t mind it when they are firing on all cylinders but against a team that gets up in Burke’s face and/or tries to get the ball out of his hands it’s a problem. And it’s a bigger problem when Burke sees the game as a one-on-one match up with spectators on the floor.

  • Champswest

    Beilein says the team is playing really well right now, which is probably different than how most UM fans see it. But, when you think about it, he is right. We played well against Purdue on the road, played a great game against a very good Indiana team that also was playing well, demolished Penn State and came back with a good game against a hot, well rested Wisconsin team. If the players feel the same way as Beilein, we could make a nice run.