Glenn Robinson Jr., Tim Hardaway Sr. discuss Michigan sons

Dylan Burkhardt

  • Indiana_Matt

    I would have loved for the conversation to have explored Timmy’s thoughts on ball players coming from poor families being hungrier and more desperate than those who come from privilege. Kind of sounds like they’re saying the NBA guys’ sons are a softer by comparison… and they are talking about their own sons! Fascinating. Off the record I would love to hear Timmy, Big Dog and Jimmy spin some stories!

    • I think Tim Sr. has called Jr. soft in just about every interview I’ve ever seen using the exact same logic.

      • Indiana_Matt

        A little sad. But I think Timmy Jr. has shown that he’s over it at this point. Kudos to him.

  • Mr_Sledge

    This was one of the best interviews I’ve seen recently. A few things that I noticed:

    1) GR3 has the exact same demeanor as his daddy! Kind of laid back, not necessarily shy in front of the camera, but not at ease either. I just hope he explodes in his second year like his dad did as well.

    2) I think Hardaway Sr feels exactly like 90% of the fan base. That this team is good, but just doesn’t have that edge. THJr has really matured over the last 3 years and his game been getting dramatically better. But sometimes I miss the Freshman THJr who played with more emotion.

    3) You can see that Big Dog & Hardaway Sr still have that competitive edge. Like Hardaway Sr said – they ate, slept, and drank basketball.