Video: John Beilein, Jordan Morgan and Glenn Robinson III talk Big Ten Tournament


John Beilein, Jordan Morgan and Glenn Robinson III were made available to media on Tuesday to preview the Big Ten tournament. They also touched on moving on from the disappointing result of the Indiana game on Sunday. You can watch the full press conference using the embedded media players below.

Morgan and Robinson after the jump.

  • gobluemd16

    Man, I absolutely love John Beilein. No other guy I’d want leading our program

  • Go Blue

    Morgan: I’m just trying to forget about what happened.

    Reporter: Why don’t you take us through the heart-wrenching final minute of Sunday’s game?

  • ForeverBlue

    Hearing Robinson and Morgan talking about feeling sick after the last game is a great reminder for some fans who couldn’t contain themselves after the loss. There is not one fan who felt worse than the players and not one fan who has devoted more time to the program or their games.

    I love this team and the program Beilein is building. This season may end sooner, rather than later but everyone of the members of this team has helped to move the program upward. I salute them.