Trey Burke reacts to Big Ten Player of the Year award

Dylan Burkhardt

  • Wayman Britt

    If you were Trey Burke, would you give up this award if you could trade it for two made late free throws at the end of the IU game and the Big Ten championship for the second consecutive season.

    • Goblue

      Do you even have to ask this question? Obviously, he would do it in a heartbeat.

  • snoopblue

    Lock ’em up in Crisler and just run tip drills and shoot free throws all day. It’s not a dungeon anymore so no one even has to feel bad about it. Haha. All of our players put way too much force on their tips. Tips are about touch. It is hard to learn how to jump up with so much force and then manage to gently tip the ball in the right direction. It’s all about reps.

  • mstein23

    Congrats to Trey! An honor well deserved.

  • sshow

    Great work Trey! Congratulations!