Tom Crean to Jeff Meyer: “You helped wreck our program!”

Dylan Burkhardt

Tom Crean had heated words for Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer after Michigan’s one point loss to Indiana on Sunday afternoon. The video above comes from RTV6 in Indianapolis and shows the heated debate.

Crean stormed into a conversation between Meyer and Indiana assistant Tim Buckley screaming “You know what you did! You helped wreck the program!” Crean had to be separated from Meyer as the two made their way off of the court.

When asked about the exchange after the game, Crean said, “It’s a heated game, it’s a heated game. Ask him.”

On Monday morning’s Big Ten teleconference, Crean reported that he apologized to Meyer after the game.

“A professional misunderstanding I had after the game. On the way to the plane, I talked to him on the telephone,” Crean said. “I apologized.”

John Beilein also addressed the altercation on the league teleconference. Beilein wouldn’t confirm that Crean apologized and said that Meyer responded with poise.

“Michigan’s always going to win with class, and it’s going to lose with class,” Beilein said. “I’m proud of the way Jeff [Meyer] showed great poise.”

Before his time at Michigan, Meyer was an assistant coach at Indiana under Kelvin Sampson from 2006-2008. It was Sampson’s tenure that left Indiana facing NCAA violations and forced Crean to rebuild the program when he arrived. Meyer was cleared of any major violations by the NCAA in the fallout of Sampson’s violations. The Indy Star re-published a collection of stories from the Indiana NCAA investigation this morning.

Michigan also has a heavy recruiting presence in the state of Indiana. Three current Wolverines are from the Hoosier state and incoming recruit Zak Irvin picked Michigan over Indiana among other schools.’s Brian Snow tweeted that there’s been significant friction between both staffs on the recruiting trail.

There have been unfriendly recruitments between Indiana and Michigan in last year. Major source of issues between staffs. Will leave it at that.

  • M

    I don’t understand this whole deal. What IU have to pick w/Meyer if he was cleared of charges? Completely out-of-line tirade, as usual with Crean, but I guess we don’t have all of the info.

    • Also, how many times have the two staffs faced off before a blow up like this?

      Reports are that words were also exchanged in the handshake line though.

      • Zach JOnes

        no class

      • M

        Apparently a healthy “Go F yourself” from Meyer to Crean? Probably not undeserved, but that makes it harder to defend Meyer here. Still, I understand more and more why Crean would marry into the Harbaugh family. Sore loser and sore winner as well.

        • Meyer’s just jealous he doesn’t have what it takes to be at IU anymore. Glad he’s in Michigan.

          • Blurb

            I’m guessing you root for Notre Dame in the fall?

          • BlueBear_E

            We are glad that he is at Michigan too. He has brought in some great recruits (a couple from Indiana).

          • gobluemd16

            Haha. Tell Crean to practice what he preaches. Tweeting and talking about religion and respect, yadda yadda. Yeah, right.

      • Of course Crean was probably twittering bible verses

      • Mattski

        It’s unprofessional, and smacks of petulance–been playing each other for several years, never brought this up in any other way. If you google Crean and handshake, you find out that he has pissed a lot of people off with his failures to shake or blow-by shakes. And his persona is really unappealing. But it does make me want to know about Meyer and to understand his role in both programs.

    • M

      what bone does*

    • Doug Wilson

      Calipari has been cleared of any wrong doing at Memphis and UMass. Do you think he is clean?

    • Meyer started the whole thing. Glad he’s not in Indy anymore for sure.

  • Truth


  • John

    I’m sure Indiana fans will be all Ra Ra Ra Ra and claim that crean stuck it coach Meyer but in reality he seems to be a bit of a**. Mark Titus said it beat In regards to Tom crean ” crean is like the crazy chick on the bachelor. His peers hate him, he never thinks he’s at fault an he will inevitably get sent home early.”

  • MillaRed

    Meyer was a negative recruiter at IU, and he is a negative recruiter now. Especially vs. IU for obvious reasons. The average IU fan actually likes Beilein. He is a stand up guy. But grabbing Meyer under the circumstances is not a good reflection on him. The guy is bad news.

    • Not all of us Michigan fans are happy about the Meyer hire because of his history. Still unprofessional, they could have this argument on their personal time, not right after a game.

      • jemblue

        If John Beilein – former chair of the NCAA rules committee – was willing to hire Meyer, I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt.
        I have a suspicion that Crean’s beef with Meyer has little to do with what he did at IU and much more with the fact that he’s our lead recruiter in Indiana and has had a lot of success there.

    • gobluemd16

      What a joke. Get off this site. There is no proof he did anything wrong, and many who know him in their profession, agree. You don’t know a damn thing about what he does now, either. I think Beilein’s comments make very clear what he thought about the situation. Same old classless Crean. There’s a reason he is hated by most of the Big Ten. He is all good when things are going well, and then shows up an hour and a half late to a press conference after you lose.

  • Don Anastas

    Sampson was a cheater before he got to IU. If you sign on to work for a known cheater what does that say about you? Cleared of wrong doing? He just didn’t get caught. Sampson took a storied program and brought it to its knees. Tom Crean resurrected Indiana basketball and has demonstrated honesty and coaching talent throughout a very bad situation.

    • q-sac

      what was coach meyer “not caught doing” when he was cleared of any wrongdoing? you must have inside info to back up your claim right? the ncaa investigation into coach meyer that turned up ill-timed gift of a t-shirt to a recruit – so what else was there?

      and let’s assume you’re right – that meyer did have a role in sampson’s recruiting violations at iu. what’s it to crean? the firing of sampson led to crean’s hiring. crean was still at marquette when this went down. and even if crean does hold a five year old grudge against meyer for the alleged violation, is verbally berating him on national tv the way to handle it?

      stop trolling our board, man. crean is a classless clown. but you’re on one point right – he has been brutally honest with his creepy texts to high school kids. “I am doing great. I have been thinking about you alot since last weekend. A whole lot. How are you doing?”

      • baukev55

        Oh come on that text was to Austin Conway a recruit that is from Aurora colorado and it was sent right after the shooting. I’m so sick of people spinning this the wrong way.

  • Zach JOnes

    Regardless of the situation, why would you want your HEAD Coach to act like that? Class less

    • baukev55

      Love his fire, but I can see how opposing fans would hate him. Sheehey’s the same way

      • Zach JOnes

        It just seems like your supposed to set an example, I guess the Harbaugh’s are the same way, it must run in the family lol

        • baukev55

          He’s always been a little crazy after big wins (

          I think his emotion is one of his strong suits however as it rubs off on his players and fans. I can’t think of a single coach who’s a better motivator.

    • A2JD

      90% of IU fans were apologists for a coach that choked his players so this is nothing to them.

  • troy

    Does coach Meyer have character/integrity red flags?

    • baukev55

      He was on Sampson’s staff during his entire tenure at IU. Whether he was directly involved or not is unclear, but it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t have been aware of what was going on with Sampson.

      • SteveA

        Jay Smith was on Steve Fisher’s staff and is now at UD. If Beilein went after Smith like that after a UM/UD game, well, Beilein wouldn’t. Just embarrassing behavior, even more so such anger after a win.

        • blackie6

          And there ya go…… Do you think Beilein would ever come close to stooping like that?

          The loss is the real killer though, what an epic collapse. Credit IU for lengthening the game and allowing us to lose it….

          I guess I have a new coach and team to root against vehemently….. Never liked him, but now hate him and hope that he gets trucked by a player running down the court some day…

          • 5_Banners

            IU fan here, and I disagree with how Crean reacted yesterday. If Meyer did say something, address it with Beilein after the game with a phone call. Crean already irks me when he blows by coaches after

          • blackie6

            where is this “if meyer said something” coming from? I keep hearing it, but NOTHING with facts of quotes or witnesses or video…. It just seems convenient is all….. Now Crean is apologizing for a professional interaction? what was professional about it?

            oh well, at the end of the day- he won…. we lost. it hurts.


    Wow, further demonstrates that Crean is a clown.

    • how does it feel to get beat down by a clown?

      • Blurb

        It feels better to know we can win with class and dignity. A concept rather foreign to Indiana fans.

  • Grammar Police

    Apparently Meyer said f*** off after the post game handshake so crean went back for some extra words…


      Not saying it is right to do, but usually that comes as a response to what someone else (Crean) says

    • q-sac

      how is this apparent? this rumor is everywhere on message boards, but nothing to back it up. from what credible source did you get your inside information? and if it were true that coach meyer said that, why would crean allegedly call to apologize? doesn’t add up, man.

  • A2JD

    Classlessness personified.

  • MH_20

    Tom Crean is an asshole. Your team was just handed the outright conference title and you’re running around telling people off ON SOMEONE ELSE’S FLOOR. Get the F off of Michigan’s court and go lovey-dove your players in the locker room. And get a real goddamn haircut. Jackass.

  • amd of course Crean will be tweeting bible verses today

    • bigtenchamp

      Haha you say this yet you obviously follow him???
      Whats wrong with a man of faith?

  • big handsome

    If someone just told me to go f myself when we were supposed to give handshakes id fire back at him! That guy has no class! Tom crean loves iu he has really adopted it as his home and hates it how scum like tht brought down what he has now rebuilt. You love that kind of dedication if your an iu fan. I think that shows what class he does have. And im loving all the immature cheap shots by um fans. Grow up u lost.

    • BlueBear_E

      If Coach Meyer told Crean to “F himself”, then why would he call to apologize later that night? I wouldn’t call to say sorry if someone had just said that to me.

      • gobluemd16

        There is legitimately NO proof of this. Someone in IU athletics could easily have just spread that rumor to the media to make Crean look like less of a douche. No evidence at all. What Crean said was documented clearly on film. Also, exactly, why would Crean call to apologize if he wasn’t the one in the wrong???

  • Jds

    Not classy just weird. No way Indiana ever wins an NCAA title with that type of “leader.”

  • blurrrg81

    yeah, gets into it with another coach, the context of which we are largely left in the dark about, and then goes and consoles oladipo and has a great moment with him. what a classless monster.

  • HoosierForLife99

    Supposedly, Meyer told Crean to “eff himself” in the post game handshake. Not saying what Crean did was right, but let’s be fair and put it in context.

    • PeteM

      Do you have any evidence for that?

    • robpollard

      “Supposedly”….who is supposing this? Is there video or a comment from someone who was there?

  • aka hoosier daddy

    So therefore if somebody told you the same what would you do?

  • Get your facts straight

    He was not cleared of all violations. He was charged with three secondary violations

    • Indiana_Matt

      he said “major” violations. at least one of them was giving Elston a tshirt.

  • Hoosiermimi

    How often do you see Tom Crean act like a hot head? Not often… obviously something was said after the game by Meyer to have a reaction that he got from Crean a few minutes later… You can defend our “dirty castoffs” if you want but the Hoosier Nation is just happy to have recovered from the embarrassment of Sampson and moved on to better days. Sorry you can’t see that…

    • Dr_ZC

      How often? Well, he did recently to the B1G conference by asking the criteria for POW.

    • ColinNer

      “How often do you see Tom Crean act like a hot head?”

      When I read this I honestly thought you were a Michigan fan. Crean is classless. 4 years ago against Michigan, he goes into the stands and kisses his wife with a minute to go in the game.

    • ajerome33

      You have to be joking. When does he not act like a hothead? He’s a very good coach and has done a great job resurrecting IU’s program, but he is a jackass through and through. Anybody with eyes can see that. Oh – but like someone else already said, Hoosier fans have a long history of making excuses for their jackass basketball coaches.

    • Drowning Man

      I won’t defend Meyer. But the issue is Crean. If he’s such a great guy, he keeps his mouth shut and moves on. That’s what professionals do. They don’t run up to another coach (speaking calmly with an IU assistant) and swear at him before running away grinning.

      And, how often do I see Crean act like a hothead?

      Every time.

    • gobluemd16

      How often do you see Crean act like a hot head? The fact that you even are attempting to say that it doesn’t happen a lot makes you lose all credibility. Are you kidding me?? When have you heard of any other coach in the B1G lose his temper once? Beilein, Bo Ryan, Painter, Tubby, Matta, etc. He even makes Izzo look great. As MGoTweeter said, “We are talking about the guy that coaches his players to fake injuries and take dives in order to try and draw flagrant fouls.”

  • Indiana_Matt

    Safe to say there is a lot here that we aren’t privy to so it seems pointless to argue too much. Neither guy looks classy.

    On another note, I am glad that Tom Crean is so unlikeable. Sports are more fun when there is that competitive “hate” going on. Something about how we’re wired, it isn’t good enough to just love “the good guys.” There has to be a “bad guy.” I hope IU fans hate Michigan too. For a while neither team was good enough to have much emotion about these games. Let’s play two more times!

    • Blurb

      Jeff Meyer doesn’t look classy because…? I don’t know what it takes for Indiana fans to understand why everyone dislikes Crean. The reasons are pretty clear to everyone else in the country. When Thad Matta looks like a likeable guy next to your coach, you’re probably going to regret standing next to him when he Woody Hayes’ someone in the future.

      • Indiana_Matt

        Probably jumped to conclusions early on, thinking there is some credibility to what Meyer “said.” From the short video it looks like Meyer is standing there completely unemotional talking calmly with Buckley.

        Just to make a note, I reside in Indiana. I am a Wolverine fan.

  • Indiana_Matt

    “The one thing I want to get out of the way, because I don’t want it taking away from the game at all, is the professional misunderstanding I had with coach Jeff Meyer after the game,” Crean said during today’s Big Ten coaches teleconference. “Later that night, on the way to plane, actually, I talked to him on the telephone. We discussed a couple things; I apologized for that. And in retrospect, I wish I would have never addressed anything after the heat of battle in a game. But we move on. That’s what I’ve done in that situation, end of story. And now our focus is completely on helping our team improve.”

    • robpollard

      WTH does that mean? ‘Professional misunderstanding’? What was ‘misunderstood’?

      Non-apology apologies are even worse than not saying anything at all.

      I didn’t have much of an opinion of Crean before all this, but man, I sure do now – what a d-bag.

      • Indiana_Matt

        Agree. After an IU game I feel I need to clarify that I’m a Wolverine fan living in Indiana… thus Indiana_Matt.

        • robpollard

          Oh, I know. To be clear on my end, my reply to your post was about Crean’s words, solely (as your post was just his quotes).

  • robpollard

    Were the words, “What’s your deal?” said at any point?

  • MGoTweeter

    is anyone really surprised by this? We are talking about the guy that coaches his players to fake injuries and take dives in order to try and draw flagrant fouls. He is a petulant man-child that clearly has a lot of maturing to do.

  • BlueBear_E

    Why would Crean call to apologize to Meyer if Meyer really gave him a healthy F yourself. It makes no sense. Beilein says Meyer showed great poise. That is good enough for me.

  • BlueBear_E

    Let me get this straight. Jeff Meyer told Crean to go F himself and Crean called him to apologize. If that were true, my opinion of Crean would actually get lower that it is already. I know I don’t make a habit off apologizing to people that say that to me.

    • jemblue

      There is no evidence that Meyer ever said anything offensive. If he did, you’d think someone would have caught it on tape.

  • JR

    I’m hating Tom Crean right now. What an unprofessional tool. I disliked him even before I even heard about his unsportsmanlike blow-by “handshakes” with OSU’s Thad Matta and UW’s Bo Ryan (see clips 1 and 2). He bizarrely claps and waves to the masses like he is the pope (see clip 3; behavior like this has led to him earning the name “Clappy The Clown”). He slips in self-adulation on MSU’s court, making sure to get the glory for the win AND report to the country that he helped build MSU ( see clip 4) (I’m sure Izzo couldn’t have done it without you, idiot). He’s suspicious for at best tolerating unethical flops, at worst teaching and ordering players to do so (see clips 5 and 6).

    And then he trashes our assistant on our court (clip 7). We knew he couldn’t lose gracefully, but he showed yesterday he doesn’t win gracefully, either. Then the apology only after the news caught him on hot mics and broadcasted it.

    I. Hate. Tom. Crean.

    1. Thad Matta

    2. Bo Ryan

    3. After a regular season win vs Illinois

    4. Building MSU

    5. Cody Zeller

    6. Will Sheehey

    7. Jeff Meyer

  • Mattski

    Here’s a good funny take on the handshake from a Michigan fan at SB Nation (where the fare is, admittedly, sometimes dubious):

    I’m getting visions of the Maize Rage developing a “Tom Crean Milkshake/Handshake” that they might perform when Indiana is in the house, imitating some of his histrionics, to the Harlem Shake.

    • rlcBlue

      The next time Crean is in the house, the Harlem Shake will be about as cutting edge as the Macarena…

  • jakelam2116

    Not that this makes Crean’s immature actions acceptable, but what do people think of Bozich’s theory about Blackmon (not that Michigan would ever consider trying to steal a committed recruit).

  • Chris

    So from my neutral perspective of neither a U-M or Indiana fan, this is what I see:

    1) U-M’s assistant coach Jeff Meyer (former IU assistant under Calvin Sampson) tells Crean to go F himself during handshakes

    2) Crean proceeds to chew him out and put him in his place, basically accusing him of having a hand in the sanctions IU got under Sampson.

    3) Meyer shuts his trap and walks off the court with his tail between his legs.

    4) Jon Beilein commends Meyer on handling the situation with class. If that is Beilein’s definition of class, then he is exactly what I always thought he was, a scumbag.

    • Mattski

      Only from what I can see there’s no reason to believe number one is true. And if you watch the video, and see one of Crean’s own assistants frog-marching him away from the scene of the crime. . . After reading the above piece on Meyer, I will be very surprised if I ever learn that he is shady.

    • gobluemd16

      John Beilein and scumbag are probably two words never used in the same sentence.

    • arsenal926

      this post is laughable.

    • jemblue

      I’m curious what you consider to be classy. Should Meyer have come to blows instead of walking away?

      There is no reason to believe Meyer said or did anything offensive. He was having a calm conversation with an IU assistant when Crean came up to him like a maniac. (Do you think an IU coach would want to have a postgame chat with a guy who just cursed his boss out? ) You can see in the video that the IU assistant is embarrassed at Crean’s actions.

  • Mattski

    Terrific background piece on Coach Meyer:

  • Bryan

    That was just stupid. That shows that He has a huge ego,something no one likes. He will NOT continue to win,coaches like that get exposed and players will stay away from going to play for him. This is great fuel for Michigan for all games to come against I.U.

    • Mattski

      I don’t know. Plenty of malevolent people succeed in this world! I wonder if, instead of being the product of uncontrolled post-game emotions it might not have been calculated–maybe there was some player in the audience whose parents he thought he could make think twice, casting doubt on Beilein and co.’s rectitude. . .

  • Keith

    Michigan fans talking about class. You guys should stick with something you know about.

  • Genius

    I’m sure Jeff Meyer is happy about working for 3 years with a class act like Kelvin Sampson, who screwed up Oklahoma and Indiana. OK, so really he’s embarrassed about it, yea I get that. Indiana, a great basketball tradition completely ruined for several years by the acts of Sampson and several assistants. Yea, he was cleared but do you really think he had no knowledge of what was going on? His hands had to be dirty somewhere through those 3 horrific years. Don’t be so quick to come to the defense of a coach who now is a Michigan coach, just because he’s on Bieliens staff.