2013 Big Ten Tournament Bracket finalized, Michigan to open against Penn State

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will open Big Ten Tournament play on Thursday afternoon in Chicago against Penn State. The Wolverines earned the five seed in the tournament and their game is scheduled to tip off 25 minutes after Illinois-Minnesota, a noon (eastern) tip. If Michigan advances the Wolverines will face Wisconsin in the second quarterfinals.


  • froshie

    It’s going to be a redemption game from here on out for them.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    exactly…i love how our bracket turns out…revenge vs penn state, wisco, and indiana…

    • Indiana_Matt

      As a fan, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Not really into the conference tournaments. I think it takes a lot of energy right before the big dance. And it stinks we didn’t get the bye. But this could be really fun.

      • Fab 5 Legends

        ya very true…worse case in these conference tournies are always fatigue and injuries for the big dance…i would be happy if we had none of that and got booted out early…but as a michigan fan always want to see them Win!


    Everything lines up well for us. Hopefully the clown and his gang are beaten by Illinois/Minnesota.

  • lgr

    Assume higher seed “Home” team in each game? Anyway to know which bench, east or west?

  • Bryan

    Fatigue wont play a part. These are young and strong KIDS playing here and emotion will surely over ride it. Michigan St. has a great chance,to make the finals,with O.S.U. being the ONLY test.. I would LOVE to see Michigan face,and defeat, Indiana. Mich. should have won Sunday and Iam sure they will be pumped.to redeem themselves.