Video: Tom Izzo reacts to 58-57 loss at Michigan


Tom Izzo addressed the media after Michigan State’s one-point loss at Michigan on Sunday afternoon. Watch the Michigan State head coach’s press conference in the embedded media player below:

  • fred

    Izzo issa azzo

  • A2Mike

    Someone should teach Tom to be gracious in losing… man to say, “Don’t give them too much credit, we didn’t play well” is Tom Izzo at his finest.

    • Davester

      He’s comfortable in his own skin.

  • gpsimms

    somehow i missed the thjr thing. anyone tell me what they’re asking about?

    • KAN

      Thjr came over to izzo and said something( probably not nice as izzo told him to move along) but izzo being the class act is refusing to discuss it.