Scouting Video: Vince Edwards vs. Lakota West


Here’s scouting film of 2014 forward Vince Edwards in a 62-58 win over Lakota WEst on February 2nd. Edwards had 17 points, 13 rebounds, two assists and a steal in the win.

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  • CDeSana

    The coach must see something I don’t. I realize he is a Jr but the comparisons to GRIII have me shaking my head. He is not explosive (but he is a Jr), his jumper comes from his forehead (but he is a Jr) and he is only 6-6.

    I would prefer to get Ricky Doyle or Miroslav Jaksic along with those already holding an offer.

    The bigger question is how many of our current team will declare for the draft early?

    • Jon

      Not to come off as rude, but, of course he sees something you don’t. Most of the guys on this current team were not very highly thought of when they were first being recruited by Michigan (besides McGary). Maybe the comparisons to Robinson are for similar points in their high school careers. I have complete trust that the staff knows what they’re doing.

      • CDeSana

        That is not rude at all and that is why I said it the way I did. I trust the staff as well just simply stating my preference for a true big especially when there some that fit the bill on the radar.

        • Go Blue

          Ill Take Aj Turner please

      • Billiam

        Even McGary was an after-thought initially (like, 3+ years ago….which is when he was first added to the board). Dylan can confirm, but I remember him being some skinny 2011 kid who no one liked.


  • ChocoJoe

    I like his motor, but he has trouble finishing and really needs to work on his jump shot.

  • Wayman Britt

    Does anybody know the caliber of basketball in Middleton’s league? I always worry when a recruit plays in an non traditional power BB league and towers over competition. But, I am not sure with Vince’s school.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    Beilein knows what his doing…so ill wait until the end of senior year and there freshmen year to determine the potential a player has inthe maize and blue…

  • fresh

    he definitely has some nice upside…………..certainly needs to bulk up and refine his game, but real good looking prospect

  • jaysmith1114

    I’m tired of the 6’6 power forwards

    • Steve2081

      Better get used to it.