Indiana 81, Michigan 73

Dylan Burkhardt


Michigan weathered the initial storm but that wasn’t enough. Indiana hit its first six shots of the game, four from behind the three point line, and blitzed the Wolverines out of the gate. Trailing 28-13 with Assembly Hall as loud as its been all season, Michigan was forced to battle back throughout the first half. They managed, trailing by just four at half time after Trey Burke hit a three pointer as time expired.

In the second half, Michigan opened strong to tie the game at 40-40 before the Hoosiers came alive with a 9-0 run to reestablish control. The Wolverines answered again, cutting the lead back to one possession late but Indiana had just enough answers to pull away down the stretch with a 81-73 win.

Trey Burke led the Wolverines with 25 points and six assists while Cody Zeller led the Hoosiers with 19 points. Full post game coverage from Assembly Hall to follow. Here’s your post game thread.

  • DingoBlue

    I think it’s actually 83-73. I don’t care who you are, that dunk at the end by Oladipo felt a bit much. Uncalled for. Tough loss, but I honestly wasn’t expecting a win. They shut down GRIII and Stauskas well.

    REALLY good game by Mitch though. However, none of our bigs seemed able to stop Zeller.

  • Njs

    Bummer. Man I can’t wait to Tuesday night.

    Would really have liked running Horford and McGary out there together in the 2nd half to keep Zeller off the boards. GR3was obviously off -but he particularly got killed on the defensive glass out there tonight.

  • John

    That Oladipo dunk at the end definitely counted. He’s gonna get it when he comes to ann arbor

    • John

      well maybe not counted but went in before the buzzer. not sure if they counted it.

    • Matzio

      Yea, pretty unsportsmanlike on his part. Petty almost.

      • MikeIU

        He probably shouldn’t have done it… he was excited and hyped, and he apologized for it in his media interview.

  • Matzio

    I like how this team consistently fought back. Assembly Hall is a very difficult place to win, especially against a team of Indiana’s caliber. Considering we played without Morgan’s defense and GRIII & Stauskas’s offense, the result wasn’t too deflating. It should provide some good film for this young team to assess. Goes to show, however, that we really need all five starters contributing offensively in order to beat a team like Indiana.

    tl;dr good game, shouldn’t be too discouraged with the loss.

  • Thought it was 83 also, but the final scoreboard said 81.

  • Andrew

    It’s strange to see all the Burke complaints. Yes, he should have passed the ball more and M is at their best when five guys are scoring. However, he’s the consensus national player of the year favorite, scored 25, and just helped M to a 20-1 record and the #1 ranking. Settle down. Obviously road games in the Big Ten/occasional home games involve a hell of a lot of clutching and grabbing. Nik and Glenn did not respond well to Indiana’s physicality. I happen to regard those plays as fouls, but if they aren’t calling them then they aren’t fouls that day. Sheehey (sp) is particularly egregious, his working hard to defend Burke involved using both hands to impede progress. All my coaches taught me that you play D with your feet.

    Anyhow, Burke will be fine. M will be fine. They need to rebound better and compete more against teams that are going to scrap with them because M is hard to beat otherwise. I expected them to lose tonight. I’m not happy, but I’m not so discouraged as to think that imminent doom is awaiting them anytime soon or in the NCAA tournament because they lost to the #3 team in the nation at Assembly Hall.

    • Jon

      I think the issue is 25 points on 24 shots…regardless, they had chances.

    • MGoTweeter

      That is the point. Burke will always get his. This team is my going to win at a big time level until he gets others involved. Every team sells out to stop Burke. He still has not figured out the best ways to get his teammates the ball in the big situations. I love the kid’s heart and that he is willing to take the BG shots but just because you are willing/capable does not mean it it the best shot for the team. This team has way too many weapons to use and it is quite a waste to see them standing around watching one guy try to take on the world.

    • jemblue

      I don’t think anyone is down on Burke as an overall player, just a little frustrated that he seemed impatient tonight and not willing to let the offense generate better looks.

  • troy

    Stauskas……gr3……..missing in action

  • MH_20

    Oladipo is going to get his when IU comes to Ann Arbor.

  • B rose

    Oladipo deserves to be the next Chris webber what a jerk, Ann Arbor better show him what real men are

  • Mattski

    Wonder how things might have looked with a healthy Morgan on the floor. I think he would have been in front of several of those Zeller dunks. But increasingly, I tend to think that McGary brings so much else–he played with a lot of poise that Stauskas and GrIII seemed to lack tonight. Onward!

  • Joshmofo1

    Hey everyone! Just stopping in from Hoosier Nation.

    Good game guys! One of the best I’ve seen all year. I was really impressed with the fight that you all had. Burke and Hardaway are great. McGary reminded me why I wanted him at IU so bad. Stuakus and GR3 just struggled because of Crean’s game plan i think.

    I look forward to the game in Ann Arbor!

    Also don’t be too mean to Vic! It didn’t count anyways.

    • DingoBlue

      Appreciate the chip in Josh! I can’t say I won’t hold that against Victor a little. I think stauskas and GRIII were definitely part of Crean’s gameplan. Such is college b-ball. Looking forward to the rematch in Ann Arbor where you guys hopefully don’t make your first 7 shots.

    • MGoTweeter

      Don’t care about anything Vic did. Game was over and IU won fair and square.

      Re: stauskas and GRIII. Don’t think it had anything to do with creans gameplan unless his gameplan was to play them straight up and hope they miss shots. Cause that is what he did. GRIII just has very little offensive game right now without a Burke assist and stauskas missed open shots. Sucks but it happens. The unfortunate thing is that Burke tried to do it all himself down the stretch

    • Blue & Maize

      classy post! see you in Ann Arbor Josh! Good luck rest of the way! B1G is TOUGH!

  • Blue and Maize

    I get as worked up and angry about Michigan sports as anyone, but before this game, during it, after it, I’m not even mad. Michigan was not supposed to win this game (see KenPom and almost every analyst out there) Jordan Morgan who has more starts then anyone on our roster…essentially out due to injury. Horford has played like 20 minutes…this whole season. McGary and oh yah the other 4 TRUE FRESHMAN have ZERO experience in these kinds of situations.
    Glenn and Nik played arguably their worst games of the season against guys 6″s shorter then them… Indiana shot 100% from the field for the first 7 minutes of the contest LOL.
    Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong and Michigan dug themselves a HUGE deficit to start the game. Michigan has lost 21 of the last 23 games at Assembly Hall. Cody Zellar is arguably the player of the year and could have gone top 5 LAST season.
    Maybe I’m deranged but EVERYTHING, EVERY VARIABLE there is (minus height discrepancy) was in Indianas favor. And we were still in the game despite ALL of that.
    Trust me, come neutral court or in Ann Arbor end of season, it’ll be a different result.
    We STILL have the best resume in the COUNTRY. Kansas, Indiana, Louisville, Syracuse have ALL lose to unranked teams.
    Flordia…please, there is one other ranked team in that counference…middling Missouri lol they are a joke.
    I’m not discouraged. This Michigan team will be FINE.


    • MGoTweeter

      I agree with a lot of that and am not discouraged about where this team could be. I disagree that Indiana played some spectacular game though. They turned the ball over like crazy. Michigan was pretty lucky to remain in striking distance for most of the first half. The second half michigan pissed away most of their opportunities and then gave up late

  • ATLblue

    Fun game to watch. Was a little frustrated to see Beilein go to the 1-3-1 with just under 5 mins left and it being a one possession game. Hulls nailed a three and after that it was a pretty big up hill battle. Also it was annoying to hear the announcers complain about Robinson not creating for himself. He has done very little of that all year, and most of his production has come in transition or through Burke. Great game though, On to the next one!

  • gobluemd16

    Just want to say that clear jump ball/travel call was a HUGE play in this game. Were down 4 with 3:30 left, would have been our ball. Instead, an AND 1 and they go up by 7. It was pretty much over from there. We obviously had our chances and it didn’t determine the outcome of the game, but that play absolutely killed our comeback.

    • wyind

      that was clearly a foul, not a jump ball. i agree, they shouldn’t have counted the basket

  • Sarah

    Need to rebound and win Tuesday…frustrating because after everything that went wrong the first couple minutes we had a lot of chances. It would be really nice if we could go 3-1 down this stretch but I will take 2-2. IU still has to play at MSU, OSU, and Minnesota. I also think that Illinois could sneak up and get somebody… All in all it looks like the match up on March 10th could decide the big ten. Go Blue. Beat Ohio!

    • Blue & Maize

      Exactly Saarah, I can see Iniana droppin 2 of those games. And I agree that going 2-2 through this stretch is completely acceptable

  • wyind

    eh. oladipo apologized. kids get excited. not that big of a deal

  • Kevin Luoma

    I hop

  • Kevin Luoma

    I hope the Michigan fans show up on Tuesday like Indiana’s did today. There is no reason we should lose to Ohio.