ESPN: Trey Burke is No. 1 impact player in college basketball

Dylan Burkhardt

IMG_3533Fran Fraschilla ranks Trey Burke No. 1 in his top 25 impact rankings:

In a season that has seen some outstanding point guard play, Burke is clearly the best all-around player at his position in college basketball. Averaging 18 points per game, he has been in double figures in every game. And in addition to averaging seven assists per game, he has a very impressive 3.7-1 assist-to-turnover ratio.

John Beilein has always been a gifted offensive coach who can scheme X’s and O’s with the best of them. But when it comes to Burke, he has applied a “less is more” approach by allowing him to use his offensive gifts in transition and ball-screen isolation plays. The 6-foot sophomore from Columbus, Ohio has responded with a remarkably efficient season so far and is arguably the most important reason the Wolverines are No. 1 in the country.

Tim Hardaway Jr. also makes the cut at No. 12.

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  • Chris in NC

    We’re going to lose both of them after this year, aren’t we?

    • Northern Blue

      Yes, but I don’t blame either one of them to want to leave. I’m excited to see more wolverines in the NBA. I’ll be rooting for them. Hopefully their work ethic ensures they have long careers. Just like Zack, Stu, and Darius, I will remember them for helping turn around the program.

      • Chris in NC

        I don’t either. But I am enjoying this season so much…

    • $584645

      Well, yes. But what else do you expect? We have quite possibly the best Michigan basketball team ever. Are we supposed to expect that everyone on the team stays and we get even better?

      However, I’m confident the team will compete for a conference title next year with the return of GRIII, Nik Stauskas, McGary, Horford, et al. and the addition of Zak Irvin.

      • DingoBlue

        I think it’s about 60% chance we lose 2/3 of GRIII, Trey Burke, and Tim. I’d guess the others at 30% 3/3 and 10% 1/3. I think the only situation in which we could see a significant drop in production next year is if we lose all 3. Finding a replacement 4 man to fill in for Glenn’s production probably isn’t feasible. In fact, I think on next year’s roster (as it currently stands) only Mark Donnal could fill that spot.

        My biggest hope is definitely that Glenn stays for at least one more year to give us some consistency at the position and have a Deshaun Thomas type of year, but with more offensive help.

        • Mattski

          There will be some real drop-off without Trey. Even if Walton is an absolute pheenom he’ll have a lot to learn. I’d assume we’ll still be a top-20 squad, though. I don’t think that Michigan basketball is going to stop being a pleasure for a long time to come.

          • DingoBlue

            Agreed. I’m expecting drop off no matter what. But without Glenn at the 4 in addition to no Trey, that would be a lot of rebuilding compared to this year. It would be nice for Derrick to have Glenn as well as Nik to dish to as (at that time) more experienced college players.

      • rlcBlue

        “Are we supposed to expect that everyone on the team stays and we get even better?”
        It worked for Jon Horford’s big brother – maybe he could drop in and give a pep talk…

      • Chris in NC

        I would expect and encourage each player to do what is in their best interests between seasons. That means they go pro if it’s likely they’ll get picked. Not much argument there. Money made at Michigan: 0 (hopefully), money made in pros: millions. Nothing else need be said. That said, it doesn’t mean I can’t be sad about it an whine! lol. I’m really enjoying this team. Then again, the coach will be the same and I’ll trust in coach B to deliver more and more great players.

  • Mattski

    No easy equivalency, but MSU struggling to get by the Illini at home is a pleasure.