Scouting title contenders: Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Jeff Borzello quotes a number of college coaches on Michigan and how to stop the Wolverines. A couple highlights:

“You can to try and keep Burke out of the middle — and not just him, but all their guys. Hardaway and the rest of the team are more straight-line drivers. You need to get out on their shooters, but they put you in a bind because they really spread the floor. Jordan Morgan and even Mitch McGary can catch and finish around the basket, also. The key, though, is trying to keep Burke out of the middle of the floor. But that’s easier said than done.”

“I don’t think they’re as good a defensive team as they were last year. Whether that’s because they’re switching everything and have young guys out there, I don’t know. But I don’t think [Tim] Hardaway is a great defender. If you can move them around and continuously make them switch.”

“If you smack them in the mouth and keep coming, I think you can get them. They aren’t overly tough. You can’t let them start banging 3’s against you in transition, because that’s when they start to get their swagger. You need to make the game a grinder to beat them.”

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  • gpsimms

    I love these anonymous coach comments things.

    I’m pretty sure one of them is Nebraska’s coach. I’m not surprised to hear them say going at Stauskas defensively is a key…but actually it seems like most teams do that the first few possessions of a game, and he actually holds up pretty well to it.

    I was also interested to see a few say that GRIII/McGary would thrive in other systems. Did they mean that it just shows how talented we are that guys like that are option #4/coming off the bench? Or are they implying they are being misused?

    Personally, I think GRIII’s role on this team is perfect, and he doesn’t seem confortable enough off the dribble to do much more than score on jumpshots/cuts/putbacks as he currently does. He’s so good in this role, and we have so many other volume shooters who are good at what they do that I don’t think we need him to be anything else.

    In McGary’s case, I’m skeptical he could handle much more minutes than he currently gets. In addition, while he’s got nice transition skills, he has no back to basket game at all, so I’m not sure what system he would be excelling in. We’ll see with the Morgan injury, but my guess is McGary plays about as many minutes as he did before, with most of Morgan’s minutes split between Bielfeldt/Horford.

    Edit: Funny Bonus! We really miss toughness we had last year with Novak, Douglass, …and Smotrycz? uh, ok, coach.

    Also, surprised to hear them calling us not deep. McGary is easily a Big Ten caliber starter. Horford would stat on about 1/2 of Big Ten teams, or is first off the bench. Even Caris and maybe even Spike could be starters on a couple teams. Vogrich was a quality role player on a B10 Championship team, and now he doesn’t even set foot on the court. Sounds like depth to me.

  • Champswest

    Okay coaches, you got us all figured out.
    Bring it on!