Tuesday Links: Jalen Rose wants Fab Five reunion, Michigan defense, more

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Fab 5 Legends

    That would amazing to see the Fab 5 at the final four….C-Webb is only guy that they would need to convince…i know he doesnt have a great relationship with any of them…

    Go Blue!!!

    • a2sk

      Having them sit courtside, or otherwise drawing attention to themselves at the Tournament would be a huge distraction. Keep the focus on this season and this team.

  • ZRL

    I’ve felt the whole season that Michigan’s overall defensive ppp numbers are being dragged down by giving up a lot of points after they already have big leads. With a healthy Jmo I think they are more like a top 15-25 defense then the 39 on kenpom.

    • carybear

      I understand this point but I think that it is non-unique to michigan…bc teams like indiana, florida, etc. would likely face similar issues.

    • mistersuits

      Michigan’s defense was ranked 23 until they played Central without Hardaway, yielded 1.09 PPP and they dropped to 40th, where they’ve stuck around ever since. If you remove that game as an outlier given Hardaway’s absence Michigan’s AdjD rating moves to the 20-25 range which I think is very accurate of the way the team has played.

      • UM Hoops Fan

        Are you sure the effect of removing that CMU game would be that significant? I too noticed that big drop right after the CMU game and have wondered since about the effects. It seems like that one outlier — and it did seem like an outlier, with THJr out, the first game after the players’ first break in who-knows-how-long, being up 20 after 15 mins and then coasting — perhaps shouldn’t have such a dramatic effect 20 games into the season, and we’ve played 7 games since then. And CMU isn’t a horrible offensive team (135th in Kenpom). I’m not sure removing that game moves us 15 spots, but maybe. You’d think at least a few spots though.

        • cary bear

          the thing is that it’s not exactly fair if we only do this for michigan, other teams have had similar issues. Off the top of my head, louisville’s center was out for a while, msu was missing trice and harris for a couple games, etc. I do think, however, that our team is capable of flipping the switch on defense (specifically burke) that makes this team good enough on D for sure (in that 15-25 range) when it needs to.

          • UM Hoops Fan

            Good point.
            And I agree with your assessment of Michigan’s D too. I think part of that is ratcheting up aggression as the game goes on, if necessary, and fouls aren’t a problem.

  • mikey_mac

    The closer this team gets to a B1G championship and #1 seed, the more
    the shadow of the Fab 5 creeps in. While UM fans tend to forgive Webber,
    or at least hold the other 4 in high esteem, the national image of that
    team is still negative. This team needs to forge its own national image
    and legacy, outside of the shadow of the Fab 5.
    Rose interjecting
    himself into this current team’s success smacks of selfishness — where
    was this suggestion three or four years ago, when that team made its way
    back into the tourney?

    • UM Hoops Fan

      Rose has actually been around here and there for a while. He was at MSG for one of the preseason tourneys (JB’s 2nd year, maybe?). He was honored in ’08, I believe, not exactly high-times for UM hoops, and had this to say:

      “I am very excited about this opportunity to come back to Ann Arbor for this event. As a Detroit native, I was bred to bleed Maize and Blue, and having the opportunity to attend the university, be a part of the Michigan family and contribute to the many accomplishments of the Fab Five, was the experience of a lifetime. I am humbled and honored to be acknowledged in this manner.”

      He has his scholarship too. He’s a busy guy.
      Jimmy King, of course, has been around a lot.

      Also, the national image of the Fab 5 isn’t negative. Some certainly hold that view, but many see them as an iconic, game-changing, successful, brash group — that also had some fallout because of Webber. They’re one of the few teams though that people still talk about.

      • mikey_mac

        I didn’t suggest Rose hasn’t been around. There’s an implication that only a Final Four appearance would be worthy of a Fab 5 appearance, which makes it feel much less like a show of support than a comparison of respective greatness — something that takes some spotlight off this current team. Being at the game against Clemson once UM emerged from the wilderness in 2009 would feel like support.

        Rose is a fairly sharp guy and wants good things for both UM and his Fab 5 team. I just don’t see much overlap in those things this season.

  • gobluemd16

    Another link of note, J-Bart’s most recent blog post: http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/012813aah.html

  • Fab 5 Legends

    The media is what bringing Fab 5 back in the picture…not Jalen….he works for ESPN so obviously they want his perspective…also the fab 5 movie was the most watched film on ESPN with several million viewers…

    I dont think the Fab 5 would be a distraction…Beilein got this team playing well and focused….its more for the media if anything….GREAT STORY….fab 5 is still 1 of the most legendary squads in the past decades…

    like jalen said…name unc team that beat them…i cant

    • Manny Harris

      Agreee…C-Webb has nothing to do with Michigan…Jalen works for ESPN – if millions of ppl watched the film….they would be interested in Michigan basketball – college basketball…ESPN knows what there doing…they’re not interested in ONLY die hard fans…like us who love the maize and blue…they want to reach a wider audience

  • Kenny

    A Fab 5 reunion at Michigan vs SDSU in the tournament, will the media go crazy if this happens.