Michigan moves to No. 1 in latest AP Poll

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 74, Illinois 60-30For the first time since the Fab Five wore maize and blue uniforms, Michigan is the No. 1 team in the country.

After occupying spots two through five this season, the Wolverines finally moved to No. 1 in the Associated Press Top 25 released this afternoon after a school-record 19-1 start. The Wolverines earned 51 first place votes ahead of Kansas with 13 and Florida with one.

Michigan is the only team in the country to be ranked in the top five in all 14 polls released this season. The last time the Wolverines were ranked No. 1 in the country was in November of 1992, the start of the Fab Five’s sophomore season.

Michigan is ranked No. 2 in the USA Today Coaches Poll, trailing Kansas by a slim margin. Kansas secured 760 points and 16 first place votes compared to Michigan’s 757 points and 14 first place votes.

Michigan head coach John Beilein continued to downplay the No. 1 ranking, and polls in general, but recognizes the importance for his fan base.

“It’s January 27th  and not one of you in here can remember who was No. 1 last January 27th,” Beilein explained on Sunday evening. “To our team that doesn’t make a big difference. I’m sure to our fans, and water coolers and coffee shops and people that love Michigan and hate Michigan that’s probably something they hate or they love right now. Our big thing is let’s keeping getting better every day while we focus on a Big Ten Championship.”

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  • tom

    Me Like!

  • Indiana_Matt

    Well, this feels weird…

  • Paul

    #1 @ #3 coming up should be FUN! :)

  • rlcBlue


  • Mattski

    Savor it–could be short-lived! I’m just so looking forward to every game; these guys are a joy to watch.

    Appreciated Brian’s perspective this morning that every darned one of M’s players demonstrates something new with each passing game. I mean, Robinson showed several new dimensions last night. . .

  • Kinda sweet, however now the target on their backs just got a little bigger!!! If they keep playing one game at a time, they have an excellent chance at an outright Big Ten title and #1 or 2 seed in NCAA tourney, and hopefully be able to play 2nd and 3rd round games at The Palace in Auburn Hills!!!! Keep it up BLUE!!!! :-)

  • mikey_mac

    Huge congratulations are in order for Beilein. This is obviously not the end of the road, but it does mean something, and speaks volumes to the hard, smart work Beilein puts in every year, starting way back at Canisius, working his way upwards to this point.
    I wouldn’t want any other coach in the nation.

  • Matzio

    Kind of surreal, isn’t it?

    Can’t wait for the IU game. It’s going to be a very, very tough game to win, but I think it’ll truly show the moxie of this squad.

  • Devin Hamon

    I understand what Beilein is trying to say….. but most people remember Kentucky was #1 at this time last year ;)

    • But Syracuse was No. 1 on January 16th do you remember that?

      • Devin

        Nope haha, didn’t remember that.

  • Brad S

    Amazing where this program is considering where we were 5 years ago. Exciting stuff

  • John Beilein on being No. 1: “Our goal at Michigan is to be No. 1 in the Big Ten. When you achieve that honor, you will have a chance at the National Championship. All through the year polls will spark great interest among college basketball fans everywhere and that is always good. Our coaches and players, however, will remain focused on our goals of improving daily and competing for the championship within our conference.”

  • gobluemd16

    WE ON(E)