Bacari Alexander on BTN’s The Journey

Dylan Burkhardt

Via MGoVideo:

  • A2JD

    I love it! Go BA!

  • gobluemd16

    Saw this last night, Bacari is f-ing awesome. Please stay here for the foreseeable future, we love you BA!

  • jemblue

    How long can we reasonably expect him to stay here as an assistant? I imagine he’ll have head coaching offers coming his way soon.

    • blackie6

      I think he’s fielded interest the past 2 years…. so if we get another BIG 10 Title and hopefully a deep run in the tourney, he could be gone…. I think he loves Michigan and loves coaching under Beilein, think he’s probably soaking up tons and tons from Coach B. and perhaps will stick around due to those things….

  • Spydawebs

    I love how the “Wolverine Excellence” poster @2:35 is a picture of Lee and Merritt

    • Spydawebs

      *Edit: @ 2:37. Oops