Game 19: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan at Bradley - #24
Dustin Johnston

Michigan returns home for its first game at Crisler Center since January 9th in hopes of avenging its only home loss of the 2011-12 season while hosting Purdue. Tip off is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. (eastern) on ESPN (or streaming at Watch ESPN) with Joe Tessitore and Sean Farnham on the call. Join in the discussion before, during and after the game in the comments section below.

Pre-Game Reading:

  • MGoTweeter

    Lets Go Blue!

  • This feels like a Stauskas game to me

  • Any early predictions folks?

    • DingoBlue

      I’m hoping Stauskas has a nice outside game tonight. His game seems to get more versatile from week to week, just needs to find his shot again. Of course, I say this just because I want him to be >50% from 3 land.

      • Could be a tough game for him. If Purdue knows anything it is physical perimeter defense. Interesting to see how Nik responds.

  • CDeSana

    OK no hesitation by Nik on that 3 loving it.

  • Purdue with a superb example of how not to defend the pick and roll and how not to defend Michigan’s transition offense.

  • Michigan wins 76-58

    • ForzaBlue

      I’m thinking we win but by single digits. Heres to hoping I’m wrong and you’re right.

  • Mith

    We’re giving up too many open looks from 3…I keep waiting for the D to really kick it into gear. Tonight might not be the night for that happen, I guess.

  • Terone Johnson must love Ann Arbor. Purdue very hot from deep early on, getting clean open looks. Michigan needs better defensive rebounding.

  • Purdue scoring 2.2 points per trip to Michigan’s 2 points per trip at the first TV timeout. Defense optional in Ann Arbor.

  • A lot of atypical turnovers by the Wolverines, coughing it up once every four possessions.

  • CDeSana

    Defense is optional is right

  • CDeSana

    JMo has to have better footwork than that he just hesitates around the rim too often take it to the rim big fella if you get hammered you get hammered.

  • CDeSana

    Nice slam by GRIII but it is only 2 pts; now lets get this bucket heading to the locker room for halftime.

  • Michigan 1.16 PPP, Purdue 1.17 PPP

    Michigan 50% eFG%, 22% TO Rate, 53% OR Rate, 14% FTA/FGA
    Purdue: 55% eFG%, 18% TO Rate, 41% OR Rate, 0 FTA

    • Purdue hit 54% of its threes in the first half but only leads by 1 point.

      • Scott Kremkow

        doesnt that echo the first half of the Minnesota game too?

  • ForzaBlue

    Let’s hope Purdue starts missing those 3s, otherwise it’s gonna be a long second half.

    • eddieben

      Let’s hope UM starts playing some defense

  • Steve Lawrence

    Look at how Hardaway refuses to give the ball to Albrecht. He takes the ball up the court while Spike jogs next to him, waiting for the lateral pass that never came. On the subsequent possession, Hardaway hesitated to hand the ball off to Spike at the top of the key, throwing off the rest of the team’s motion routes. Spike finally calls timeout so Beilein can apparently draw up a play where Hardaway isolates and “creates a shot” for himself, which actually means chucking up an off-balance brick with a foot on the line.

    We saw this nonsense from Burke in the Ohio State loss. Hardaway needs to stop dwelling on his draft stock and play some team basketball, or else we will absorb an embarrassing and humbling defeat.

  • CDeSana

    Wow bad call there

  • CDeSana

    Maybe Purdue coming back down to earth on the 3 ball?

  • Offense is a lot easier when you rebound half of your misses. That’s the difference in the game right now for Michigan.

    • CDeSana

      Better defensive rotation helps as well

  • eddieben

    Nice to see the defensive adjustments coming out of the half. PU with only 7 points in the first 8+ mins of the half

  • JDR

    Dylan, do you happen to know Mich’s points of turnovers for the game and/or the season? It has to be one of the highest in the country right?

    • 9 for the game. There are no sites that archive those numbers so you would have to go through every box score and add them up.

    • Zem528

      Think someone else will chime in, but on a per possession basis I think that’s true. But we don’t generate that many turnovers so the nominal number likely wouldn’t be as high as you’d expect

      • Yep. Michigan is never going to lead the country in that stat because it hasn’t been able to force turnovers at a high level this year.

  • Back to back assists there are vintage Trey Burke ball screen basketball… Get in the lane and kick. Then weave through the lane and drop off to McGary.

  • JDR

    Burke’s too good for college, this guy.

  • ForzaBlue

    Purdue back to season avg on 3s according to someone on twitter. They were getting too many. It s was only a matter of time. Great play down the stretch. Go Blue.

  • Scott Kremkow

    still the Top Six to me: Michigan, State, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Minnesota’s loss at NU and home loss to Blue drops them to 6th, Wisconsins win at Indiana huge, but home loss to MSU and loss at Iowa drops them to 5th. Indiana’s loss at home to Wisconsin has them 4th, Ohio has the loss at MSU and at Illinois has them 3rd, MSU’s loss at Minnesota has them 2nd, and Michigan with a loss at Ohio leads the top six right now in my book. Wins on the road in the big six are huge, losses at home are big negatives, losses to the bottom six (Illinois, Iowa, Northwestern, Nebraska, Purdue) are bad. Holding home court is expected.

  • Scott Kremkow

    Remaining Big Six games:
    1/26: Minnesota @ Wisconsin, 1/27: State @ Indiana, 1/29: Wisconsin @ Ohio, 2/2: Michigan @ Indiana, 2/5: Ohio @ Michigan, 2/6: Minnesota @ State, 2/9: Michigan @ Wisconsin, 2/10: Indiana @ Ohio, 2/12: Michigan @ State, 2/14: Wisconsin @ Minnesota, 2/17: Ohio @ WIsconsin, 2/19: Indiana @ State, 2/20: Minnesota @ Ohio, 2/24: State @ Ohio, 2/26: Indiana @ Minnesota, 3/2: State @ Michigan, 3/5: Ohio @ Indiana, 3/7: Wisconsin @ State, 3/10: Indiana @ Michigan.