Video: John Beilein and Jordan Morgan preview Purdue


John Beilein and Jordan Morgan were both available to speak with the media on Wednesday to go over Michigan’s upcoming home match-up with Purdue Thursday night. You can watch the full interviews using the embedded media players below.

Jordan Morgan after the jump.

  • DingoBlue

    Sounds like Beilein is starting to add some layers to the offense. I remember Dave Merritt mentioning (I think on a podcast) that what’s scary is so far the offense has been a “basic package.” Hopefully adding new ways to accomplish the same end result will make us more of a threat going forward.

    Also, a question. Is Beilein’s two-day prep method of practicing typical around either the Big Ten or the NCAA in general? I’ve heard it mentioned over and over again that it’s a two day prep per team and don’t know if that’s just his coaching philosophy or more standard. It seems they don’t truly address fundamentals unless its in one-on-one coaching/early season.