Glenn Robinson III throws down a 360 dunk

Dylan Burkhardt

  • Awesome!

  • jemblue

    I love that it’s already on YouTube. I LOVE the swagger.

  • Adam

    I enjoyed that very much.

  • Bigrange

    Sportscenter top 10??

    • gobluemd16

      Play #1!!!

  • Jay Z

    Most athletic thing I’ve seen someone in a UM uniform do since I watched the Fab Five documentary 2 weeks ago.

  • fresh

    I’m hoping that i’m not the only one who realizes that GRobs dunk was a mimic of the Rodney Williams dunk they show on BTN commercials all the time………..not to mention they were guarding each other……… was meant as an insult and thats why it is awesome

  • sonik

    A thing of beauty, but does he get away with a little extra step?

    • Mr_Sledge

      By NBA standards, that was not a travel. College on the other hand… ehhhh…

  • gobluemd16

    “Send it in big fella!”