Form Tracker: January 10th, 2013


Dustin Johnston

Our weekly feature tracking the performance of Michigan players over the last week’s action.

Glenn Robinson III: 9 (Last Week: 7.5)

Robinson continues to be one of the most efficient Wolverines on the roster: the freshman hasn’t shot below 50 percent from the field since Western Michigan in early December. Against Iowa, Robinson had perhaps the quietest double-double on record with 20 points and 10 rebounds while shooting just over 60 percent from the floor. Against Nebraska, Robinson shot 5-of-6 for 14 points and also provided Michigan with a shot in the arm with two thunderous second-half dunks.

Trey Burke: 8.5 (Last Week: 9.5)

After playing as well as a point guard can play for two games and being shirked a perfect 10 last week, Burke’s rating falls only because it is pretty much impossible to keep up that kind of play every game. Against Iowa, Burke was his usual transcendent self: 19 points, 12 assists, one turnover. But against Nebraska’s slow-it-down style, Burke had a tougher time finding his teammates (three assists) and needed 16 shots to score 18 points. Burke made plenty of plays and kept his team afloat at times offensively — he just didn’t do it as efficiently as he has been.

Tim Hardaway Jr.: 8.5 (Last Week: 7)

Hardaway continues to stuff the stat sheet to near-bursting levels. The junior was lethal from 3-point range against Iowa on Sunday, hitting three of five shots from deep, but he also grabbed five rebounds and dished out five assists. Against Nebraska, Hardaway struggled with his efficiency in a similar fashion to Burke (15 points on 14 shots), but managed to snag 11 rebounds in a game that saw plenty of missed shots. Hardaway also continues to be a terror for opposing teams off the bounce, consistently getting points while driving to the rim.

Mitch McGary: 7 (Last Week: 4.5)

After two so-so efforts last week, McGary really stepped up his play this week in Big Ten victories over Iowa and Nebraska. His point production is still pretty low, but that’s the last thing about McGary’s game the Michigan coaches care about. The freshman makes some mistakes when he’s out there, but he is a prodigious rebounder (he had 17 rebounds combined against Iowa and Nebraska, five of which were offensive boards) and he protects the rim: three blocks against Iowa, including one that could be considered a game-changer.

Nik Stauskas: 6.5 (Last Week: 7.5)

While Stauskas isn’t scoring at quite the rate Michigan fans were used to earlier in the season, the freshman is showing his development as an all-around scorer who can hurt opposing defenses in many different ways. Stauskas scored 13 points in each of the past two games, but against Iowa he displayed his leaping ability with an impressive dunk in traffic. It appears Stauskas’s 3-point percentage is regressing toward the mean, but only slightly as he’s still at 52 percent.

Caris LeVert: 5.5 (Last Week: 6.5)

While he had a great game against Iowa, scoring nine points on five shots, LeVert was mostly ineffective against Nebraska. The freshman missed every shot he took, which is decidedly uncharacteristic for him. However, we can bet on LeVert’s role in the offense continuing to grow with his experience.

Jordan Morgan: 5 (Last Week: 7.5)

It has been a mostly forgettable week for Jordan Morgan. The redshirt junior is again experiencing problems staying in the game in the face of foul trouble, which has caused his production to take a severe hit. Since recording his third double-double of the season against Northwestern, Morgan has scored four points in the past two games combined. It should be noted that Morgan pulled down 11 tough rebounds against Nebraska, but Michigan coaches would have loved to see some points for him in the scoring column along with them.

Spike Albrecht: 2 (Last Week: 2.5)

Albrecht continues to spell Burke, but it appears that with Big Ten play looming and tougher games ahead, his effectiveness should be expected to hover around where it’s been the past few weeks. He remains valuable as a reliable relief pitcher for Burke.

Max Bielfeldt: 2 (Last Week: 3.5)

Bielfeldt did not play against Nebraska and recorded one point and one rebound against Iowa. His role will likely diminish with the possible return of Jon Horford this Sunday against Ohio State.

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  • I’m curious as to how well we do matchup wide against ohio. They have a ton of
    Athletes. Imo it’ll come down to our execution.

    • MGoTweeter

      It’s going to be interesting. I actually think Ohio is one of the toughest matchups for michigan on D. Thomas against GRIII is a bad matchup and then who does stauskas guard? If you put him on Thompson, you have to worry a lot about o rebounds. If you put him on smith, I’m not sure he can stay with him. Craft may be the best option but nik is not used to guarding pgs. Would not be surprised if this is the game we see a lot of 1-3-1.

      • eddieben

        Good call. Perhaps that was in the back of coach’s mind when he didnt bust out the 131 vs nebreska when it seemed the natural thing to do to force the tempo. Perhaps he didnt want to give away too much film for ohio?

  • Devin

    My dream for this weekend:

    Michigan smashes Ohio, Minnesota wins at Indiana, and NC State knocks off Duke. Then we might get #1 MIchigan vs. #2 Minnesota.

    • John

      No way Minnesota jumps Louisville or Arizona but it sure would be awesome of that played out. #1 vs #4(would be my guess)

      • Zonasucks

        that might be likely, but I seriously think Minnesota would jump Arizona. Voters all watched zona lose to Colorado last week, and what else have they done? They beat Florida by a point at home.. ok. Minnesota would have wins on the road at both Indiana and Illinois (both top 10 teams at the time). Those are road wins! And their one loss was respectable to Duke.

    • UM Hoops Fan

      I’m down with the first and third parts, but I don’t care whether Minny beats IU. In fact, I wouldn’t mind them losing so that their confidence is down.

  • That should read 12 assists for Burke, not rebounds. Also, I’d love to hear you include analysis of how players are defending in this as well. It is clearly the weakness for this team so it certainly warrants mentioning. I think it would make THJ’s rating significantly less lofty.

  • DingoBlue

    This is off topic, but I’m interested to hear other readers’ thoughts. What does Michigan have to do these next two games to look at the rest of the schedule and still be considered favorites/contenders for the Big Ten Title?

    I think 15-3 in conference will be enough to win it outright or tie for the title. While it’s certainly possible to go 0-2 @OSU and @Minnesota and still pick up the remaining wins, I think minimum Michigan has to go 1-1. Too many tough road games + the possibility of a home upset make me leery of losing two in a row this early in the conference season. What do others think?

    • MGoTweeter

      So tough to say right now. I still need to see a lot more games from everyone to know for sure what it will take to win this thing. I gotta think 15-3 would get it done though. Not sure that is a realistic goal right now.

      For now I just want to see how michigan plays at Ohio before jumping to any conclusions. But these next two games are big and then the four straight to start February are huge. If michigan splits both those stretches, I would think they have a really good shot at winning the conference.

      • eddieben

        I would love to see a split at Minn and OSU. A split at IU and Ill. And a split at Wisco and State. Protect the home floor and win roadies at PSU and Purdue. Gotta believe that would be enough to at least share the conference. And i also believe that this is doable without reaching too far.

        • Mattski

          Minny doesn’t play in A2, unfortunately. That may give them something of an edge. They performed pretty well in Champaign last night, too, from what I hear, at least in the second half. Despite M’s stellar start, the team has its work cut out. I’m as interested to see how they handle a little diversity as anything else; a young team.

      • Wayman Britt

        Long time no see, glad to see your back on UMHoops.

  • Mattski

    Love the idea of a week-to-week assessment of players’ development, ups and downs, but I’m just still not seeing this as terribly rigorous–what are the criteria? The little bars are decorous, but. . . It just seems like you could perform the same function without giving poor Spike a 2, which might just piss off his mom. Respectfully, Mattski