Video: John Beilein, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Caris LeVert look ahead to Nebraska


John Beilein, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Caris LeVert met with the media earlier this afternoon to discuss Michigan’s upcoming game against Nebraska. John Beilein shared the most notable news of the day, that Jon Horford had resumed practicing full court and could be ready to play for Wednesday night’s game against Nebraska.

Hardaway and LeVert after the jump.

  • Brian Ellerbe

    Woe is me???
    B1G interview about MSU Alex Guana: “When you sit there and tell a guy that he doesn’t deserve to be doing any more because he isn’t working hard enough at it, and when guys buy into that and do that, it’s probably the most rewarding part of this damn job, getting things like that to happen,” Izzo said.
    That damn job also pays Izzo millions $$$.
    It’s great that Beilein provides a better litmus test in the state than his predecessors. Izzo looks much sillier in comparison.

  • blackie6

    check out the stills of the videos of Tim and Caris together, Tim’s got some guns on him, he looks like a Jr. in College who’s been working for 3 years… He’s what Caris will look like in a year or two… except Caris will be taller! Caris has a better handle at this time in his career then Tim did. Future is bright! He grew 1.5″ and gained 20 lbs in 6 months! Love it…. I know some Sparty’s that think Beilein’s been “lucky” to get Hardaway, GRobIII, Trey Burke, Stauskas, etc. – saying he didn’t have to beat anyone out for any of them and then they all turn into studs…. Well, Caris LeVert is about to really pi$$ em’ off when he’s 6’7 and 200 lbs next year with a handle! : )

    • Mr_Sledge

      I was just thinking the same thing about the stills, LOL. Night and Day differences in bodies.

      • We should go find an old one of Caris, the change in his body already is impressive.

  • jka347

    Who was the idiot who kept asking Tim about what he tells people when they give compliments?