Video: John Beilein, Nik Stauskas and Eso Akunne preview Big Ten opener


John Beilein, Nik Stauskas and Eso Akunne met with the media on Wednesday morning to discuss Michigan’s Big Ten opener at Northwestern (Thursday, 7 p.m.). Beilein focused on the difficulty of guarding Northwestern’s offense while Stauskas made several bold statements about his three point shooting ability and how it stacks up nationally. Beilein provided a brief update on Tim Hardaway Jr. (ankle), who remains questionable for Thursday’s game. Hardaway participated in some light drills but needs “just enough rest” to prevent the injury from lingering.

Stauskas and Akunne videos after the jump.

  • gobluemd16

    This game is already tricky being our first road Big Ten game against Northwestern, a team we went to overtime with twice last season, but it could be even more so if Timmy can’t go.

    • geoffclarke

      Hopefully we can get an early lead and play with the lead the whole game. We’re a different team than last year. Hardaway is playing with poise this year, poise that we could use in our first B1G road game. But if we’re as good as I think we are, we should still be able to win without Tim. Let’s say LeVert starts again and at some point things get dicey, maybe this is a good opportunity for Vogrich to be a calming senior.

      • Steve2081

        Their style of play always seems to give us fits but he’s so full of it when he talks about how good they’ve looked. They’ve looked pretty mediocre most of the year. I’m used to him talking up our opponents by now.

        • Lester Abram

          A cynical person says Coach Beilein is full of it. In contrast, a person who understands basketball success also understands what breeds it: respecting your opponent always and maintaining a good level of humility throughout the season.

          • Steve2081

            Humility and respect are overrated.

          • toblav

            Is overconfidence underrated?

          • Steve2081

            When it comes to Michigan fans it certainly is.

            Not that I’m being over confident in this situation . I just know coach speak when I hear it. I understand he says that stuff for the benefit of the team but I’m not on the team so I don’t have to pretend its actually true.

          • jjg

            The inability to stay humble and appreciate your opponents on their home floor can lead to a loss when you least expect it.
            See Illinois@purdue

          • Steve2081

            Yeah Illinois is another team I have absolutely no fear of. Their loss tonight had nothing to do with humility and everything to do with them being and extremely soft and unskilled team. I’ll be there in Champaign to witness their destruction personally.

          • geoffclarke

            Voted up for your handle. Lester Abram is one of my favorites.

    • gobluemd16

      Well, their leading scorer, Reggie Hearn, will not play. This will definitely help some