Introducing UM Hoops by E-mail

Dylan Burkhardt

Many of you use Twitter, Facebook or RSS feeds to keep up with new content published on the site but there are plenty of people that still begin their day with E-mail. Whether you pull out your iPhone next to your bed or stumble into the office and fire up Outlook, we want to bridge the gap. To help get our content to your inbox, we are launching a series of UM Hoops newsletters and digests that feature four primary content options.

  • Game Day Preview: All of our pregame content packaged up and delivered on game day.
  • Post Game Wrap: Highlighted by our game recap, find everything you need to know the morning after Michigan’s last game.
  • Daily Updates: Start your day with UM Hoops. Get the last 24 hours of posts delivered to your inbox at 6:30 a.m. daily.
  • Weekly Digest: Afraid of missing something? We’ll wrap-up the last seven days of posting every Thursday in our weekly digest.

You can subscribe to our list now and we’ll begin sending out updates in January when Big Ten play begins. Just enter your email and choose your options in the form below before confirming the subscription in your inbox.

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  • Mattski

    Neat! Sign me up. And happy holidays to everyone here.

    Meanwhile, for anyone who is interested in former Michigan players thriving in the NBA, check out Jamal Crawford’s crossover behind-the-back magic on this play:

  • gobluemd16

    This is awesome, great idea. I think you guys should also add a donation tab, so that we can donate throughout the season, not just during a funding drive!