Draft Tracker: Michigan players climbing draft boards

Dylan Burkhardt

We updated our Draft Tracker feature with information from the latest and most prominent mock drafts and big board rankings. Michigan prospects continue to fare well in the eyes of NBA scouts as five Wolverines are on at least on the NBA radar.

To no one’s surprise, Trey Burke is cementing himself as a first round pick, per Chad Ford:

This year? [Burke] has improved his numbers across the board, is the heart and soul of the No. 3 team in the country and is being mentioned as perhaps the best point guard in college basketball. His lack of elite size will keep him from being a lottery pick, but he is firmly planted in the first round.

Glenn Robinson III and Tim Hardaway Jr. are both rising up draft big boards while Nik Stauskas has even emerged on the tail end of CBS Sports and ESPN’s top-100 lists. Click through and bookmark our full run-down of draft rankings.

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  • DeepBlue83

    I’d say Burke is a very strong bet to go early, and probably Hardaway too, though he’s a little less certain. Hard to say about Robinson. He’s certainly got NBA talent, but from what I’ve seen so far, he would be better served staying another year. With Hardaway gone, he could step into a bigger role and emerge as a really big star after his sophomore year. McGary is still raw and almost certainly needs another year at least to polish his game.

    Regardless, it’s likely we’ll have room for at least one more player in the 2013 class, and we’re in a nice position of having no urgent need. We can take whoever looks most promising, (though I’d favor another big guard/small forward), or just stash that scholie for 2014.

    • geoffclarke

      I don’t think we have anymore needs and would just assume we give the scholarship to McLimans if he wants it.

  • bftn

    Perhaps a stupid question, but why wouldn’t the best freshman (Stauskas) be the hightest listed in the draft?

    • Mith

      It’s debatable whether Stauskas is the “best” freshman. I’m sure in terms of what the NBA looks for(size and athleticism), Robinson and McGary are going to be much more coveted.

      • bftn

        For a guy like Stauskas (that has never seen the inside of a weightroom), putting on size should be very easy to do.

    • Guest

      GRIII has NBA athleticism and has the size to play SF. There is a reason why he is highly thought of by the NBA scouts or draftniks. Just because he isn’t the best freshman on the team, doesn’t mean that he won’t be drafted higher. He projected to go to the lottery for ’14 draft and 1st round for ’13 draft depending on the sources.

      Nik, while he has elite skill set in shooting, isn’t a great athlete(solid, but not great). He can be a liability on defense and will need help on defending the SG or SF. His best bet is to be a spot up shooter or sniper alas Kyle Korver.