Video: Trey Burke, Caris LeVert and Nik Stauskas react to 10-0 start


Trey Burke, Caris LeVert and Nik Stauskas met with the media after Michigan’s 67-39 win over Binghamton on Tuesday night. Watch their interviews in the embedded media players below:

LeVert and Stauskas after the jump.

  • Tenz

    Our program needs a guy like LeVert to build on

  • Love the Blue

    Following a 10-0 team is fun already, but to add into it a class act guy as LeVert just adds to the joy. Great interview

    • ChathaM

      All of the players seem very well spoken. In know a lot of 18/19 year old kids, and most can’t speak the way these kids speak. This is a very easy team to follow.

  • DingoBlue

    I liked both of LeVert and Stauskas’s interviews. LeVert seems like he’s happy to do what he can for the team and Stauskas just keeps an even keel. Good qualities.