State of the Blog: Thank You

Dylan Burkhardt

Last night we reached – and surpassed – our ambitious $10,000 donation goal for our State of the Blog fundraiser. Nearly 300 loyal readers stepped up the plate and donated and we couldn’t be more thankful to each and every one of you. The outpouring of support was both humbling and encouraging in terms of the quantity and volume of your contributions. We are indebted to all of you and hope to make our coverage this year as strong as ever.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the goal was even realistic when the drive started, considering it was much higher than we’ve reached in past fundraisers. Two-thirds of the way through, it still looked like we’d fall short. But the final push over the last 48 hours of the fundraiser netted more than 20% of our goal from an impressive 66 contributors.

Once again, thanks for your support and we promise to do everything within our power to make this a great year on the site.

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  • gobluemd16

    Thank you so much to Dylan and co. for the awesome content every day, and to the UMHoops community for helping the site reach its goal. If you need funding in the future, let it be known!

  • John

    Well you guys deserved it. This site is great.

  • I’ve been around since the beginning and I have to say the progress made in such a short amount of time is amazing. Your team’s hard work is evident by reaching such an aggressive fundraising goal. With a couple new features added this will be hands down the best source for information on all things Michigan Basketball! MGoBlog better watch its back lol. Congrats!

  • geoffclarke

    I was just turned on to this site last season and am very impressed. You guys do a great job with lots of good content. This is a must stop for every Michigan basketball fan, IMO. My wife has done some fundraising over the years for various causes and one thing I learned from her is always set the goal higher than you may think you can get.

  • ajerome33

    This site and community you’ve created is my favorite stop on the web. Through your hard work, it is now possible for fans to be closely connected to the UofM basketball program year-round. You’ve got something good going here, keep up the great work and thank you again!