Video Gallery: Michigan’s 2013 Recruiting Class

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan’s 2013 recruiting class becomes official this week as future Wolverines sign national letters of intent. Zak Irvin and Mark Donnal inked letters on Wednesday while Derrick Walton is expected to sign on Friday at his school. All three prospects are consensus top-100 recruits – Irvin 29th, Walton 45th and Donnal 97th – and are a part of a Wolverine class ranked in the top-15 nationally.

We took a look back through our archives at our highlights and scouting videos of Michigan’s class.

Derrick Walton

More from Walton, Irvin and Donnal after the jump.

Zak Irvin

Mark Donnal

  • sane1

    80% of Walton’s highlights are passes. Love that because he’ll have guys all over the court at Michigan to set up for great looks. His vision is exceptional.

  • Mark Worthley

    What kind of a shooter is Walton?

    • He’s a solid shooter but I wouldn’t call it one of his greatest strengths. He excels with quickness, passing ability and ability to get in the lane.

      • Daniel

        I know that rankings-wise, he’s currently higher than Burke was. How do you see the difference with Walton/Albrecht as floor general next year (assuming Trey leaves)? More pass-first? How do Burke and Walton compare all-around?

        • Billiam

          definately more pass-first, but they’ll still use those ball-screens to score. But don’t take the pass-first mentality as a weakness. Last year with Burke, he had to be the first or second scoring option; by next year, Walton/Albrecht will have LOADS of talented options. GRIII, McGary and THJ (assuming at least one stays), Irvin, Horford/Morgan, Donnal, etc.

          Having typed this up, I just noticed how many weapons we’ll have next year. No rebuilding here!

          • Champswest

            We don’t re-build. We re-load.

  • Scott

    Do we have any more offers out to anyone else in the 2013 class? I thought I remember there being one out there.

  • geoffclarke

    All three are exceptional passers for their position. Irvin and Donnal exceptional shooters. Irvin and Walton exceptional defenders. This is exciting.