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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Of course Twitter’s widgets go down after launching the page. Hopefully it’s back soon. Also we fixed the tweets tab on the right of the page.

  • Mattski

    That’s gotta be Izzo, feigning nonchalance. All I can say is keep Derrick Nix off the hooch if you hope to stand a chance. Don’t want him falling asleep in OUR HOUSE once again.

  • geoffclarke

    A few thoughts/questions: (1) Who do you think the opposing coach is they quoted in Izzo? (2) says Stauskas “lacks…great skill”. smh. Other than that, nothing worth noting. (3) To answer Yahoo! Sports: no. (4) Been thinking about buying Basketball Prospectus having never read it before. I don’t even have time to crack the Blue Ribbon Yearbook sitting next to my bed. What’s so great about the Prospectus?

    • Prospectus is great. I actually helped out the last two editions but sat out this year. Gasaway is great and it’s all tempo-free based, which hopefully you appreciate if you read this site. Easily the best preview mag year in and year out if you enjoy quality hoops analysis.

    • Northern Blue

      That bit about Stauskas tells you right away the writer isn’t credible at all. After reading a lot of the recent reports on the team, a lot of the national writers do not have a clue what we just saw the last few games. Mcgary a finesse bigman now? A lot of reports are preaching the lack of frontcourt depth as the big issue… I’m more optimistic now than before the exhibition games. Could be a great year.

  • Devin

    Hey Dylan, do you know of any way for out of staters to watch tomorrow’s game versus Slippery Rock?

  • Cary Bear

    From the twittersphere, it looks like stauskas has a sore back and may miss the slippery rock game. Also, LeVert looks to be destined for a redshirt this year.

  • A2JD

    The twitter feature may be TMI. I like to follow Michigan sports but I don’t know if I need to know what the high schoolers are up to.