Michigan vs. Northern Michigan Exhibition Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Via MGoVideo:

Robinson and McGary dunks after the jump.

  • jblair52

    Love seeing the ball thrown into the post, then when the defense collapses – kicked out for wide open 3’s. That’s going to be huge this year

    Also love the mobility of McGary and Morgan. They can run the floor and work great rolling off screens

  • David

    I only watched the first half, but it seemed pretty clear to me that Stauskis is going to be a starter on this team. Or at least he’ll get significant minutes — more than Vogrich even if Matt is the starter.

    I don’t see McGary starting over Jordan Morgan though. And I think GRIII will get most of the 4 minutes.

    I don’t expect a lot of the 2 post, despite what we’ve talked about here and heard from Beilein.

    Thoughts Dylan?

    Go Blue!

    • DingoBlue

      Granted 1 game against a D2 opponent is hardly worth drawing major conlusions from. I agree that I doubt we’ll see an extremely two-post heavy offense from Michigan this year. But I do think it’s possible that Beilein would rather roll that look out more with Morgan at the 4 and Horford at the 5 rather than trying to get McGary to pick up that right from the get go.

      With Horford out, he may have just wanted to get the freshman minutes for as many teachable moments before the season truly starts.

      • section13row15

        Morgan will never play the 4, mark my words.

    • Kenny

      until both Horford and Mitch are 100%, we will see GRIII mostly at 4. We may even see Spike and Burke on the court the same time.

  • Cary Bear

    Saw a link up on twitter about Keita Bates-Diop decision being “imminent”…anyone have any idea of how soon that decision will be made or if we should feel good about our chances at all??

    • Steve2081

      Things are not sounding good for us.