Keita Bates-Diop closing in on decision

Dylan Burkhardt

Jeff Washburn updates Keita Bates-Diop’s recruitment at JC Online, noting that the junior “may be closing in on a decision”:

Bob Fitzgerald – Bates-Diop’s high school coach – said Friday that Purdue, Illinois and Michigan remain at the top of the talented forward’s list.

“There are some days when he says he might like to make a decision before our first basketball game, and then there are other days when he wants to take his time,” Fitzgerald said.

Bates-Diop had to postpone a scheduled September visit to Michigan State because of a relative’s death but still wants to spend time in the Spartan camp before considering a final decision.

Fitzgerald said other school have tried to get involved with Bates-Diop, but the player isn’t interested. He has his list, and he likes the schools on that list.

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  • Anton

    Where is he leaning?

    • Steve2081

      I don’t think anyone but him knows that. He’s been playing it very close to the vest. If I had to guess I think we have an equal shot with Illinois and Purdue. Sparty seems to be a distant 4th at the moment.

      I think Illinois narrowly missing on all those highly rated PG’s prospects helped our chances though.

  • W3

    Would be a HUGE pick up

  • chief

    I am thinking he’s headed elsewhere

    • Mattski

      “Kill the messenger” negs are bad karma, IMO. So I plussed you for telling it like you see it, and I hope your *&_*(Eing wrong.

  • jblair52

    My only hopeful thought is that Michigan has been actively recruiting a number of players in 2014 and Bates-Diop wants on board before the ship leaves.

    • Steve2081

      Trying to beat that Vince Edwards offer maybe. :)

      • jblair52

        Purdue doesn’t have as much pressure but they do have some nice PG’s ahead. You don’t see kids commit to Purdue early all that often.

        Illinois has offers out to a lot of kids in 2014 but none close to committing and weak PG recruiting recently.

        Michigan has a decent PG ahead in Walton and decent pressure.

  • Norhtern Blue

    Would be a great fit for Michigan. Would be huge for any of these B1G programs to land him. Really hope Michigan gets him because I really do not want to have to face him two times a year at Illinois, Purdue, and especially MSU. I feel good about our chances though.

  • I’m a Purdue man so obviously biased but I honestly like Purdues chances with Glenn Robinson and with Zac Irvin I doubt he goes to Michigan he would have to compete to much. And Robinson could be gone but I doubt it and Irvin won’t be gone. Illinois has a new coach and etc so in this case Purdue seems front runner. Plus they were first to push for him hard.

    • cj schneider

      well GRIII is already at UM

    • jblair52

      I’m thinking Glenn Robinson is preetttty sure he’s attending Michigan. Just a hunch.

      • bluturns2gray

        I think Stephen is trying to say Diop would have to compete against these two players for playing time.

        • jblair52

          Thank you for translating into English

          • Guest

            Yes I am fully aware that GRIII is at Michigan I just mean that there is competition and I imagine Robinson will play at Michigan for 3 seasons. At 6’6″ he doesn’t seem to be one to jump too early.

          • Steve2081

            Robinson most likely will not be here by the time KBD arrives and Irvin plays a different position. Shouldn’t be a problem.

    • A2JD

      KBD could very well play the 4 at Michigan. Plus, he is in the 2014 class. GR III, if he lives up to his billing, will probably be gone after his Soph season.

  • geoffclarke

    Would LOVE to get Bates-Diop. I think you’ve got a 2/1 with Booker, a 3/2 with Bluiett, a 3-4 with Bates-Diop, and a 5/4 with Doyle, so any combination of those would work. I just love Bates-Diop’s game.