Four-star forward Reggie Cameron might be late addition to Michigan’s 2013 class

Dylan Burkhardt

Detroit News on 2013 forward Reggie Cameron and his official visit next weekend:

“Everybody saw the Fab Five documentary on ESPN,” Cameron said. “That was really cool. I know that Coach Beilein is a great coach. My coach in high school was Da’Sean Butler’s high school coach. He sent Da’Sean to West Virginia. Da’Sean told me (Beilein) is a great guy and he loved playing for him. He actually coached against my dad in college.”

“He is real cool,” Cameron later added. “He tells you the truth. He is just real excited about Michigan basketball and he said he wants me to become part of that.”

“It’s just the way they play,” said Cameron regarding Michigan. “They get shooters open shots, they play together, and Michigan is a great school. Not just athletics, but also academics. Coach Beilein and Coach Alexander are two great guys and great coaches, and it shows with the program.”

Reggie Cameron Video:

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  • michaelz

    Yeah boy!

  • Steve2081

    No thank you,.

    • michaelz

      No thank you to a lights out shooter 4 star recruit with offer from UConn, Georgetown, and NC State? I would be very happy to have him in the fold.

      • Steve2081

        Yes. They can have him. He doesn’t do anything else but shoot.

        • His offer list suggests that a lot of teams feel there’s a spot for a kid who can flat out shoot it with range and size.

        • jblair52

          Sort of agree that all he does is shoot but sometimes a Jon Diebler is all a team needs.

          Like pieces to a puzzle, each piece seems confusing until you see them all together – then you get the picture.

          • The spacing of a guy like Cameron would open up would create major slashing opportunities for Irvin, Walton… Then you even have Donnal who can pick and pop to spread the floor even further.

        • Retiredat23

          You could say the same for Carmelo Anthony, who kinda went out and won a N.C. at ‘Cuse….just b/c a dude is one dimensional (which I don’t even necessarily agree with, he can board) doesn’t mean you pass over him and his talent. Keep those eyes open.

          • Steve2081

            That might be the worst comparison I’ve ever heard. Carmelo was never this one dimensional. He had a well rounded and highly skilled offensive game and he was a good rebounder. This kid can only shoot.

          • Steve2081

            Looks like the coaches agreed with me in the end. Better luck next time fellas! :)

    • MH_20

      Well I’m glad that John Beilein is the coach and not you.

  • jblair52

    He’s got a great offer sheet. 6-7 and can shoot…I like the possible addition

  • A2JD

    From what I’ve seen, he doesn’t “wow” me but I suppose Glen Rice might not have looked all-everything at that age either.

    If he’s good enough for Coach Beilein, he’s good enough for me.

    I’m well prepared to yell out “DA Shooootaaaaaaah!” every time he takes a 3.

    • A2JD

      I watched his highlight video again and am warming up a bit more to the idea of having him on the team. He’s not a super-athlete but when he gets that shot going, it’s pretty deadly. I would rather see him as a 3 than a 4, though.

    • umbball

      I’m all on board too. I will say though, Glen Rice looked all everything at that age.

  • I love jonny B an everything about how he goes about recruiting,,with that said..”man o man does it stop? where’s the palying time coming from? these kids want to play an for all my years of watchin michigan basketball under beilein..he tends to play 7 players..I sure hope he’s ready to open up that rotation with the addition of all this talent

  • Alex

    The program has come a long way and could take the next step, a deep run in the Tourney, this year Staff definitely understands that in today’s college basketball game there is a need for constant recruiting because attrition can be very high.

  • Mattski

    Does have a bit of the old stolid Smot in him. But Smot’s problems involved attitude. If he’d stayed he’d have been a champion (oh, he did share in the crown? Okay.) Arguably, this is exactly the kind of strong shooter you want on the bench, no?

  • section13row15

    Another 4 star recruit and another top 10 class for John Beilein. Can’t wait until it’s official. The playing time thing will solve itself as it normally does.