Missing pieces for top freshmen: Mitch McGary

Dylan Burkhardt

Jay Bilas on what the seven of nation’s top freshmen “need to improve to become complete players”:

McGary is big, strong, talented and has good passing instincts. In John Beilein’s system, McGary will be able to work out of the high post, but he will also add a dimension Michigan hasn’t had: a reliable low-post scorer.

He is a left-handed beast who simply overpowers people around the rim and on the low box, yet he can step away and hit an open jumper. McGary is a big-time rebounder who pursues the ball and is unafraid to bang bodies. He is an excellent high-post passer and is a hungry player who gives his all, and does it all the time. He will be a difference-maker at Michigan and will give the Wolverines an edge.

To be complete: McGary needs to refine his post moves, which he will do at Michigan. In high school, he was a power player who could bully his way to the rim to score, get fouled or both. In college, he will have to establish a reliable move over both shoulders and counter moves. He also needs to improve his ability to change ends with greater speed.

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  • A2JD

    I’m not looking for Mitch to be an all-world scorer from the get-go. I think he’s still pretty raw offensively, although I think he’ll be a good passer. What I really want to see is him getting after it on the boards and being a shot-blocker.

    If he goes for 10 points (50% FG), 8 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks each game, I’ll be very, very pleased.