Scouting Video: Jae’Sean Tate at Spiece Run ‘n Slam


Michigan offered a scholarship to 2014 Pickerington Central forward Jae’Sean Tate earlier this month after he unofficially visited campus. Tate received the fourth offer that Michigan has extended in the class of 2014 and was clearly impressed by his unofficial visit to Ann Arbor. Digging through our archives, we found footage of Tate in action earlier this year at the Spiece Run ‘n Slam in Fort Wayne.

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  • michaeltheoriginal

    tough nugget…love the energy, but…..really kind of not so in control on many of his plays….and not sure he will be able to outmuscle college players like he does here…nice shooting mechanics and free throw

    • Steve2081

      I can see him posting up and overpowering other teams SF’s when he is older. Timmy should have been doing more of that last season. And I think the hope is that he’ll grow a few more inches and get closer to his dad’s height of 6’10.

  • A2JD

    He’s battling with Trevon for #3 on my wishlist. I think he has the edge, if Michigan gets Booker. Tate gives things that Bluiett wouldn’t. He kind of reminds me of whatshisspartie that just went to the NBA.

    • A2JD

      Hmmm…. I just saw those Bluiett highlights. Those were pretty impressive and he looked taller than I rememebered. Can we just get all 4? :-)

  • mandm

    I just watched both highliights. Very impressed with Bluiett’s clips. He played vs 17U competition. Booker and Tate played 16U.

    • Worth noting that Booker played 17U EYBL for most of the summer, same as Bluiett. However, we only have footage of Booker in Indy where he was playing 16U.

    • Adam

      All 4 recruits are very impressive and I’d love to have any of them… comparing Bluiett and Tate’s film from today is a little unfair because Bluiett’s is a highlight video and Tate’s is a scouting video… always gonna be more impressive when they don’t show the bad plays

      Booker, KBD, and Tate/Bluiett.. would love to have any combination that involves these 4 kids