2016 Olympic Team: Trey Burke a candidate?

Dylan Burkhardt

Jeff Goodman writes at CBS Sports that the likelihood of Team USA moving to a U-23 team for the 2016 Olympics is as strong as ever. Goodman projects a potential U-23 squad for 2016 and includes Trey Burke in his starting lineup:

I had Adrian Wojnarowski on my SiriusXM radio show last night and the Yahoo! Sports NBA writer said he believes Olympic basketball will go to 23-and-under beginning in 2016. The NBA owners want it.

“I have little doubt in my mind it’s going to happen,” Wojnarowski said.


SF – Jabari Parker (3-15-95), Simeon High (Illinois)

PF – Cody Zeller (11-5-92), Indiana

C – Anthony Davis (3-11-93), New Orleans Hornets (NBA)

PG – Trey Burke (11-12-92), Michigan

SG – Shabazz Muhammad (11-13-93), UCLA

  • flwolve

    I’m not sure if the U-23 thing would help or hurt the US. Obviously, the US loses all of its stars but I tend to think that we would have a much easier time replacing them then the international teams.

    • gobluemd16

      I don’t think the int’l teams would have to do U-23.

      • As far as I know, this is an NBA rule, so any international player in the NBA over the age of 23 would not be able to play in the Olympics either.

  • Mattski

    I think the Gasol brothers would have them for lunch. Really not cool if only the US has to go this route.

  • It would be U-23 for everyone, not just the US. This is what Olympic soccer does in order to not compete with the World Cup. In soccer however, they are allowed 3 players over the age limit to fill out the roster, not sure if they would plan on doing that with basketball too.

  • John

    I like the idea as long as it applies to every team. I don’t know why we would handicap ourselves if it only applied to us…

  • Chris

    Any international player in the NBA will be subject to this rule. After all it will be an NBA rule.

  • A2JD

    Where’s Andre Drummond?

    • A2JD

      By the way, I hope they don’t go this route. Maybe under 30 but the US should still be able to stick with players who are in their prime.

  • geoffclarke

    A lot of talk here about the U23 idea, but how cool is it that Trey Burke’s name is out there as potentially a starter for that team? I know it’s just one man’s opinion, but still good pub.

    • Steve2081

      It would probably be cooler if I didn’t hate the Olympics with the white hot fury of a 1000 suns,

  • CaliWolverine33

    A great idea if its for all countries, but horrible if it’s just NBA, just think how much young big man get abused their 1st year or 2 in the league, and there are def good intl non-NBA big man that could take advantage…I think something like how soccer does it (under 23, but each team is allowed 3 overage players) would be great for excitement, competitiveness and identifying/rewarding young stars