Scouting video, Q&A: Devin Booker at Adidas Invitational


Devin Booker has emerged as one of the top prospects on Michigan’s class of 2014 recruiting board. The versatile guard blew up while playing with Moss Point in Mississippi and with the Alabama Challenge on the Nike EYBL circuit but he was back home playing with his old AAU team, the Grand Rapids Storm, last week in Indianapolis. Booker was impressive throughout the week and drew the attention of high major coaches, including Michigan at every game. Watch our scouting video (featuring all plays: makes, misses, etc.) of Booker in action below and find an update on his recruitment after the jump.

On his performance in Indianapolis:
“Earlier today, I had a slow start, just getting home from LeBron camp, and coming straight here, so I’m a little jet lagged. We played well in the second game, and it was an easy win for us.”

On the LeBron, Durant Skills Academy experience:
“It’s the best talent in the nation. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and something I’ve always dreamed about. I used to look it up when I was a little kid. I never thought I’d be there, and I ended up being there, and I got to play against some of the best players in the nation, so it was good.”

On how he played at LeBron Skills Academy:
“I thought I played really well. I did what I needed to do. I had Andrew Wiggins on my team, so that made everything easy.”

On meeting LeBron, Team USA:
“Yeah, we actually got to go the USA practice. So I got to see all the pros, you know, Kobe, LeBron, ‘Melo.”

On watching Team USA:
“It was a great opportunity. I always dreamed about meeting those players. I never really watched them play in real life, and it was just good to see them play together, for the world’s best team. It was great.”

On open gym in Ann Arbor:
“That was great. I follow Michigan, so I actually got to play on the court with Tim Hardaway, so I felt like I stacked up well again, and did what I needed to do.”

On Michigan and John Beilein’s program:
“I like how they space the floor, and set screens. It’s good for shooters, like I feel like I could fit in perfectly there.”

On Michigan State visit plans:
“I haven’t [visited yet]. I was going to take it, but Izzo had to go somewhere, so we rescheduled it sometime soon. I’m not sure exactly when though.”

On playing in front of big time coaches:
“It brings the best out in me. At first, you get nervous, but once you get in the game, you start getting your flow back, and start playing your normal game.”

On Missouri:
“Missouri is a top school, I have to say, because they’ve been there since the beginning, like Michigan also. I’ve been there a few times, I like the campus and have a good feel for the coaches.”

On whether he has a top group:
“I don’t have an (order). It’s just all of them.”

On the process, travel and AAU circuit:
“It’s a great process. It’s what I always dreamed about being. It’s like what they say: ‘ball is life.’”

On a time table for making a decision:
“I don’t [have a time table]. Me and my dad were thinking about talking about it when the summer’s over and first we’re going to cut down the schools, and see where we go from there.”

On getting tired of attention and interviews:
“Yeah, sometimes. But it’s fine though. It’s what I always wanted, and its finally becoming a reality, so it’s cool.”

On the number one area he wants to improve:
“I don’t really have time to work on things because I’m at tournaments all the time, but if I was, probably my offensive rebounding, crashing the boards.”

On summer plans:
“I’m going down to Orlando with the Alabama Challenge for two weeks for the Summer Showcase and Nationals.”

  • Paul

    Sorry but not too impressive

    • GregGoBlue

      haha yea you’re right Paul, it’s all the recruiting services and high major coaches that are wrong.

  • A2JD

    The word that comes to mind for me about his game is “Smooth”. His shot selection could be a bit better but you have to like what he can do out there.

    • Yep. His offensive game is very mature for a 2014 kid. He’s so smooth at getting his shot off and can do it seemingly effortlessly. And regarding the comment below, what more would you really want to see from him? I thought it was a pretty impressive four game stretch – he hits threes, mid-range, handles the ball quite a bit, etc.

      • the q crew

        the only struggle i saw on that tape was finishing around the rim. he seems to let a lot of hands get in his way. definitely a nit pick though. would love to have him.

      • Paul

        A 5 star recruit? Come on…..

        • SBell

          In Paul’s defense, when you think of a top 25, 6-5, wing, you expect explosion and above-the-rim play. A # of college coaches in Indy said they were disappointed in the product relative to the reputation.

          • Sure but his reputation was never that of an above-the-rim type of player… Not sure that’s a big surprise or anything like that.

          • SBell

            It was a surprise to college coaches who in their minds have a metric for a top 25 player.

          • jblair52

            Explosion? How’d that work for Brent Petway? The name of the game is to put the ball in the hoop. Each recruit brings different things to the table – defender, athlete, etc…Booker is an offensive talent (shooting/scoring, ball handling, passing). I can tell you I’ve seen a lot of him vs. Bluiett and I’d say Booker is a good bit better

          • D

            He’s 15 yrs old, seriously! Just wait until his fills out!

        • Adam

          He just finished his sophomore year of high school.. come on, give me a break.. the kid has some serious game for a player that young

          If you watched GRIII’s film after his sophomore year he wasn’t a big time prospect at all, and he developed.. McGary was not a big time recruit early in his HS career either… hell, even Anthony Davis was a nobody his sophomore year in HS until he grew significantly his senior year

          newsflash: kids improve a lot from the time they are sophomores in HS until they are seniors.. Booker doesn’t seem to have any serious weaknesses and he has a couple years to improve even more before he plays college ball.. I would be absolutely thrilled if UM lands this kid.. he’s gonna be a good one

          • Kenny

            Add me to Paul’s camp.

            As far as I remember, GRIII was ranked no where near what Booker is ranked, and had no high major offers except Michigan, he was not playing above the rim but had a very smooth jump shot, a decent passing game, and a good awareness of the game and did not force anything. And at the same point in Stauskas’s recruitment, he had a better game than Booker in almost every single category offensively, handle, shooting, passing, and attacking the rim, although as a Canadian, Stauskas might be a year older.

            Be fair to Booker, he is a better rebounder and a very good shooter. But to be ranked in top 25, I do expect more than what being displayed in this video.

          • jblair52

            Like what? Who’s better in the sophomore class that you would put ahead of him?

          • Adam

            It’s so funny how negative people get when watching a scouting video vs. a highlight video… we are fortunate enough to get to see all of the strengths and weaknesses from the UMHoops crew.. guarantee if you watched a scouting video on almost any prospect there would be a lot of questions about them.. most of the time every other website gives you a highlight video so everything seems rosy and every play is amazing..

            My point was that Devin Booker is better at his age than GRIII and McGary were.. he will be a totally different player in 2 years.. Trey Burke was a nobody his sophomore year of HS too.. the point is guys get better so don’t watch this video thinking wow this 15 year old kid wouldn’t see the floor on this current 2012-13 UM team..

            of course Stauskas and GRIII are better than him right now, but Booker has a lot of time to grow as a player before he goes to college.. you wanna nitpick about the ranking? Have you seen the other guys play in the top 50? Bates-Diop and Bluiett are top 50 players too and there is a lot left to be desired in their film as well.. the point is you have to project to how good these guys are going to be in 2-3 years, not how good they are as a 15 year old.

            Booker is pretty darn good for a 15 year old kid.. people make me laugh.. how many 15 year old kids do you watch to compare him to? Booker is a stud for his age and I’m pretty sure the only weakness people are pulling out of all of this is his lack of top flight athleticism.. he can shoot the ball, handle the ball, pass, and has good bloodlines. And he’s just scratching the surface on how good he will be.. the amount of improvement that came from McGary’s soph year to this year was incredible; same with GRIII; same with Burke; same with Stauskas; same with Levert, etc. etc.

            Booker is going to improve a TON in the next 2 years and he’s already ahead of those guys at the same stage in his development.. some people are unbelievable

          • Steve2081

            I’d say you’re being a little over-sensitive.

          • D

            Well said!

  • geoffclarke

    Definitely entertaining comments. I especially like how Paul makes 2 posts (5 and 6 words) and generates so much discussion. First of all, I’m not a recruiting expert and rarely watch video of players other than Michigan recruits, so I don’t do a lot of comparisons, so SBell has the advantage in that regard. But I, like Dylan, was surprised to hear that college coaches were surprised…I mean, do we really know what to expect from Booker more than college coaches do?!?! If so, it seems like those college coaches are behind in their recruitment.

    With that said, it seems like Booker has elite skill level, elite hoops IQ, and elite poise for a player his age, but lacks the elite explosiveness. With that said, how many players are elite at EVERYTHING? Perhaps the college coaches figure it’s easier to gain the poise, IQ, and skill than it is the explosiveness. That may or may not be true.

    • Paul

      Less is more

  • Ben

    Lots Loots potential