2012 LeBron James Skills Academy: Top College Prospects

Dylan Burkhardt

NBADraft.net on the LeBron James Skills Academy.

5. Trey Burke 6’0/185 6’5 (Columbus, OH) Michigan — Stood out on the first two days with his all around hustle and play. May have been the top overall PG prospect in camp. Though undersized, his 6’5 wingspan and athleticism allows him to overcome his size deficiency. Burke plays with a lot of intensity and heart. He displayed a solid jumpshot with good range. He’s put on some weight and appears primed for a big sophomore season. Appears equally comfortable in the half court as in transition. Burke was close to keeping his name in the NBA draft and there was some thought that he could actually sneak into the late first round. He will have a good shot of doing that by building on a sensational freshman season.

Tim Hardaway Jr 6’6/193 6’7 (Miami, FL) Michigan — Hardaway didn’t shoot the ball particularly well but shows a professional approach and solid athleticism. His outside shot shows good lift and excellent form. Hardaway’s biggest Achilles is plain to see as he really struggles to get by defenders off the dribble as he’s severely lacking an explosive first step. He’ll need to continue honing his outside shot to make it as a dead eye spot up shooter.

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  • Adam

    I keep hoping Hardaway’s handle starts to improve.. he badly needs to improve that if he wants to make it in the league, and if he wants to change his game from a one dimensional jump shooter to an all around player. Improving those handles will help him be a better facilitator on the offense end in getting people involved and giving him the threat to drive to the hoop.

    Is it the type of thing where his handles are just always going to be limited? Is he not working hard enough to improve the handles? Not sure what it is, but that is by far his biggest weakness and he will need to improve that to make it in the NBA

    • GregGoBlue

      I too was hoping Hardaway had improved his handle in the offseason. Some of Hardaway’s brightest moments are when he’s shown a willingness to take it to the rack and blow by opponents. Even when he was struggling last year with his shot, he had the benefit of being the best player on the team at that position and stayed in the game. With Stauskas and Robinson on the team now, I don’t think Hardaway will be afforded that luxury if he struggles again, and then his path to the league will be much more difficult.

  • Steve2081

    This news doesn’t bother me at all. I mean you really have to put things in perspective. Right now Timmy is being compared to other NBA prospects and NBA guards. Last season we got along just fine with Douglas and Novak at the 2 and neither on of them had close to an NBA handle or first step. I’m sure Timmy’s handles have improved some. Maybe not enough to make him a top 15 pick. But so what? Would him coming back for his senior season really be such a bad thing?