ESPN: The Most Indispensable

Dylan Burkhardt

Trey Burke checks in at No. 4 on ESPN’s list:

4. Trey Burke (Michigan) — When Burke (14.8 ppg, 4.6 apg) announced his return to the Wolverines, he turned the program into a national title contender. Glenn Robinson and Mitch McGary anchor one of the Big Ten’s top recruiting classes. Tim Hardaway Jr. is back, too. But Burke is the nucleus. He’s the guy that can elevate the Wolverines throughout the regular season and in March, when it will matter most. He was one of the top freshmen in the country last season. Next season, he’ll be the most essential player for a Wolverines team that could win the Big Ten and possibly reach Atlanta.

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  • gobluetwo

    Expectations are so high, it’s kinda scary. This kind of pressure hasn’t been on our basketball team in a LONG time. I have faith in Beilein and crew, though. Go Blue!

    • Steve2081

      Scary? Really? You clearly do no have faith if you find high expectations scary.

  • Greyblue

    The spotlight is rightfully directly on Trey, and he will have a terrific season no doubt. He is a very essential part of the team, but the year’s success hinges not so much on his development, but on that of Hardaway, Vogrich, Horford, plus Morgan and two or more of the Freshman.

    This is still a team sport. Who will replace Novak and Douglas on defense, and in leadership and experience, even though they should be a better rebounding team.

    This will be a great year for the fans as they watch all the talent develop. But there will be challenges.

    Lets hope their play can meet the expectations. Cause for worry? No. For concern. Yes. Always!

    There are no givens in NCAA basketball. Surprise happens.

  • I think if Trey is able to be the guy who makes everyone around him better by getting them the ball where they can do somthing with it. Teams found out last year they only had to focus on him to slow down the offense. When things get tough he tends to try to do too much himself. That works against most teams but against the best they eat it up and shut them down. I raved about Trey’s skills since the first video I saw but he needs to take the mental part of the game to the next level to be the kind of player he needs to be.