Zak Irvin Spring Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Via Prep Hoops TV:

  • mitch

    Love this kid. The way he moves out there reminds me of Grant Hill with a jumper.

    • serious

      Fred Jackson’d.

  • Paul

    He’s Mr Smooth

  • Billiam

    Kid is an amazing scorer, and will be able to play the two guard with his point guard skills — that is rare for a 6’7 kid. That being said, He doesn’t have the highest hops. While I know he’ll be a stud either way, I hope he works on his jumps before he gets to college; he won’t be the only 6’7 wing there.

    ^ This might all be irrelevant if he takes the 2-guard position. Our last two guards will have been Stauskas/Vog, Dougless, Dougless <–not too many drivers in that position.

    Reasons he can/will be a two guard:
    1.) Vog and THJ are leaving. Albrecht and Walton will play the 1, but they don't have the athleticism and experience, respectively, to play that point the whole duration. Point being: Stauskas (who should be the normal 2) will moonlight as the one. This leaves an opening…no one else can fill the adjunct guard spot.
    2.) Why can't anyone else fill the other guard spot? First, the 2 requires point-guard-like passing and knowledge of the movements within the game. These can be taught, but are usually obtained naturally, not through teaching. Zach has the ability to read off-ball movements; he wouldn't be a HS PG without that ability, at least not on a high level of HS play.
    3.) Who else? We've got Vog graduating, and no one else coming in to take the 2. Stauskas will take it initially, but again, he'll moonlight at the 1. (Sadly for Albrecht, I think he's a practice-squad player; I earnestly hope I'm wrong.) After Stauskas, whom do we have? I assume that, understanding Zach's ability, Belein PURPOSEFULLY did not recruit a two. Recall: at the start of Zach's recruitment, we had Donall (sp?), Morgan (not going pro), Horford (at least another year), and McGary (then a THREE [!!] star), coming in as bigs. We have the ability to utilize a 6'7 2-guard.
    4.) Size. This is pretty much covered by the above rant. Nevertheless, it bears reiterating: we'll have Walton at 1; Stauskas/Irvin at 2; GRIII/THJ (whomever doesn't go pro, and I don't think BOTH will) at 3; Donnal at 4; Morgan/Horford at 5.
    5.) Thus, Irvin should play 2/3. If anyone wants to argue against this, I'll humbly submit. Tell me in the future comments if you want my honest thoughts, otherwise, I'll just listen.

    /Rant Ova. (Yes, I know "ova" is the latin word for "eggs".)

    • A2JD

      I’m not saying Irvin can’t jump in to back up SG but, as far as other depth goes, isn’t LaVert a 2?

      • A2JD

        I like getting voted down for asking a question. That makes sense.

        • geoffclarke

          Perhaps you got voted down for even attempting to reply to Billiam’s post.

      • SamGoBlue

        LeVert will be primarily a two it seems, yes. I think Billiam missed the boat mostly on this one.

  • A2JD

    It’s great that we have big time talent coming in and more talent on the horizon. Hopefully, 2014 will keep the string going and this just becomes a regular thing like it used to be.

    It sounds like every young man that visits here loves the staff and the improved facilities. All we have to do is show them that this is also a team designed to compete for titles and a school that can produce pros while also providing a great education. That’s in the works!

  • Lordfoul

    Love the way he is all business after scoring, quickly switching his focus to defense without congratulating himself.

    He’s going to be great at Michigan.

    • jblair52

      definitely. He’s a Bruce Bowen type defender. I think he wants to stop his opponent from scoring about as much as he wants to score himself. That’s awesome. He’s a good rebounder too.

  • Blazerine

    This might be a weird comparison, but his length and fluidity remind of Bernard Robinson when he was at Michigan…is that the right name? Bernard was a lefty, but they look similar.

    I just love all the height and length we are adding, that’s one of the biggest components I think we have been missing. Not too mention the extreme upgrade in athleticism!

    • jblair52

      If he could put on the muscle of BRob he’ll be playing in the NBA

    • Ichiro

      Bernard Robinson was also #21

  • GregGoBlue

    It’s easy to see why Irvin was a standout at the recent open gym with the current players and freshmen. Very excited for him to hit campus.

    • A2JD

      Is there a write up about this? I’d like to hear how it went.

      • GregGoBlue

        Only on the premium boards, though that was basically all that was said.

  • Wayman Britt

    He does look smooth and graceful.

  • gobluemd16

    Absolutely love this kid’s game.. if he adds some muscle to his frame he is going to be a baller for us

  • He looks pretty good. Doesn’t get fazed by a hand in his face.