Son of former MU star Booker isn’t afraid of dad’s large footsteps

Dylan Burkhardt

There’s been plenty written about Michigan’s pursuit of Devin Booker – one of two 2014 prospects to add Michigan offers on June 15th – but Missouri has made an impact as well. Booker’s father was a star at Missouri and the Kansas City Star recently profiled Booker and Missouri’s pursuit.

“It would be nice to see him in a Missouri uniform,” Melvin said, “ and a lot of people assume he’s going to Missouri. When other schools call, that’s the first thing they ask – is he going there because you went there? I tell them he’ll go to Missouri if he wants to go to Missouri. It’s his choice.”

And for his part, Devin – who lived with his mother in Grand Rapids, Mich., until last year – said it’s way too early in the process to name a leader right now. Michigan would figure to be a contender for his services; he did grow up in that state, after all, only leaving to spend the summers with his dad, and a story done by noted his mom as a Wolverine fan. However, Devin is adamant he has no leader right now, and is admittedly intrigued by the prospect of playing Missouri.

“Yeah, it is tempting, I can’t lie,” Devin said. “But whatever school best fits me is the one I’ll decide on. My dad isn’t going to make me go to Missouri. He just cares that school fits me.”

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  • jblair52

    If Beilein can pull GRIII from Purdue’s backyard I think he’ll do fine recruiting Booker…though it may be a bit more of a challenge

    • Guest

      Purdue didn’t want GRIII. They thought that he was “soft”. They finally offered him when he blew up in the last year and half. Too little, too late.

  • Wayman Britt

    If Devin chooses Missouri that would be a nice school, but the minute he stepped on campus he would constantly be compared to his dad. It would be a no win situation for the young man.
    He needs to come to Michigan to chart his own course. Besides momma knows best.

    • jblair52

      Mizzou doesnt seem to have ANY higher rated recruits in the past couple classes…if he wants to win, go to Michigan. If he wants to be the one and only then Mizzou might be the place cause there doesn’t look like much else goin there.

  • Steve2081

    God I hate Mizzou so much. I may not have inherited my families love for the Illini buy I did inherit their hate for Mizzou and Iowa.

  • Fresh

    at this point i’m not concerned about who they will be getting they are going to playing at a very high level in all liklihood……..high succes = high level recruit that along with the coaching staff is going to get upper level kids at a fairly consistent clip

  • Mac

    Frank Haith is also a very weak coach, Belein is on a whole other level, not even a comparison.