Ex-Michigan basketball forward Josh Asselin makes Dominican Republic national team

Dylan Burkhardt

Despite earlier reports, University of Michigan officials confirmed that Jon Horford will not continue on with the Dominican National team. More from Nick Baumgardner:

Current Michigan forward Jon Horford was also originally listed on the 15-man roster, but will not be a member of the team as it attempts to qualify for the Olympics, according to a Michigan spokesman.

Horford practiced with the team, but the spokesman said to his knowledge, the 6-foot-10 forward will not move forward with the group.

Jon has been working out with the Dominican National team throughout camp but not with the intention of joining the squad for Olympic qualifying when the squad is reduced to 12 members.

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  • WTHef?

    Congrats to Josh. From what I had found a while back, it looked like he had a nice career going overseas (Spain I believe). He was a rare bright spot during a rough period for Michigan hoops.
    Dylan – if it ever gets slow around here – would be great to see a “Where Are they Now” on some of the less heralded players like Josh, Pete Vignier, Chris Young, Robbie Reid and maybe even a Q&A with them. Would be interesting to hear what they think about the current program.

    • DingoBlue

      Congrats to Josh, sorry to hear about this for Jon, but hopefully that means he can be a part of the summer workouts with the UM team. If things do slow down, I think we still have some players that don’t yet have report cards for the 2011-2012 season. Unless I’m mistaken.

    • RikWaero

      I second your request for a “Where are they now”-series.

  • mano

    Jon was never on the roster before

  • Steven Asselin

    Congrats cuz!!, proud of ya!