Video: Glenn Robinson III and Zak Irvin Indiana All-Star Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Glenn Robinson III and Zak Irvin led their teams in the opening game of Indiana All-Star exhibition play and we have footage of both future Wolverines in action.

After the jump find footage of Zak Irvin as well as additional game highlights.

Special thanks to our friends at Inside the Hall for providing the footage.

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  • DingoBlue

    Thanks for the video ITH!

    Three things I take away:

    1. DUNKS!
    2. Zak can also do them!
    3. Gary Harris is going to be scary

  • blackie

    Lot of good ball players in that footage! Happy to have a couple of them coming to Michigan.

    Love that we are getting the kind of athleticism that GRobIII brings. It’s something we’ve been missing. Love his ability and his constant going to the basket and hope it continues… we have plenty of jump shooters IMO, hope Glenn goes to the rack more then not.

    boy oh boy, with Burke back and Timmy Hardaway hopefully ready to take it to the next level, adding in GRobIII, Stauskas, McGary and the other two guys, plus Zak Irvin in 2013 and the others… Future is bright and there are going to be some epic battles in the Big Ten.

  • jka347

    From the video it looks like GRIII and Irvin were guarding eachother. Great that they were the leading scorers, but what does that say about their defense… ;)