Jalen Rose not ‘bitter’ over Michigan president’s stance toward basketball era

Dylan Burkhardt

Jalen Rose talks Fab Five, banners and more at last week’s Mott Hospital fundraiser.

“I think it was unnecessary. Flagrant. Defiant,” Rose told The News during the Griese-Hutchinson-Woodson golf fundraiser for Mott Hospital last weekend. “But it was honest, and I respect that. If they choose not to embrace the Fab Five era, if they choose not to embrace us individually or as a team or the things we brought to the table, I really have no bitterness. I’m not mad at it.

“What’s going to happen, though? … When you turn your back directly or indirectly on something that was so good to you, you’re never going to get the true foundation of a program to build upon.”

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  • HH

    Yes, Jalen. Crippling sanctions and a decade of futility were “so good to [us].” He really needs to be more realistic about the good and bad brought about by the Fab 5.

    • A2JD

      I think it’s unfair to lump the other 4 players (or the rest of the squad) in with Webber, though. Bullock probably did more damage than any of the players that took money, since he was warned about Ed Martin prior to coming to Michigan.

      I hope they can find some common ground.

      • Bluebufoon

        I love Jalen but the damage the Ed Martin scandal and the negativity surounding Steve Fisher’s reign as U-M head coach, which the Fab 5 were a large part of, led to the demise of Michigan basketball– them’s the facts. Jalen and his Buddy’s can take credit for “SWAGGER”,”Black Socks”, “Bald Heads” and whatever selfish BS he is spewing. The bottom line is Michigan basketball has suffered for years following the Fab 5 era and Jalen needs to admit and accept responsibility for that. Unfortunately just like when he was at MICHIGAN, Jalen is oblivious to the damage done to The U-M basketball program in the aftermath of the Fab 5– those banners came down and will stay down for a reason. Michigan basketball has had a rich and proud tradition, well before the Fab 5 era. U-M went two Final Fours in the 1960’s, the NCAA Championship Game in1976 and won the NCAA Title in 1989. I’m tired of hearing of Jalen spew his propaganda and documentaries, as if the “Fab Five” put Michigan basketball on the map– Truth is they damned near destroyed it.

    • jaysmith1114

      The fab 5 had nothing to to with a decade of bball fultility that was on the admin . If Michigan made a better coaching hire after Fish we would still been relevent ( While the Brand was still Strong). Bad facilities and being cheap when it came to hoops was not the fab 5s fault. Michigan made the final 4 in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s Ellerbe and Amaker set this program back . Amaker was here 6 years and couldnt get to a tourney with decent talent had nothing to do with the Fab ellerbe should never ever been a head coach.

  • Dave

    As jaysmith pointed out, “the decade of futility” was actually the result of incredibly terrible coaching hires – not the Fab Five scandal. The hiring of Ellerbe has to be the worst coaching hire at a program of Michigan’s caliber EVER. And Amaker wasn’t much better. I would also point out that the Fab Five “scandal” was actually more a result of unreasonable NCAA rules and punishments for private legal actions – by individuals who were not employed by the University of Michigan. I do think it’s unethical to sign an agreement with a University and then violate that agreement but the NCAA monopoly and it’s abuse of that monopoly power to coerce athletes into signing certain agreements (which attempt to police legal off-the-court activity) is arguably more unethical. It’s also arguably more unethical to punish entirely innocent athletes for the actions of others.
    The Fab Five won their games fairly and their accomplishments should be recognized and honored.