Scouting Video: Zak Irvin at Adidas Spring Classic


2013 Michigan commitment Zak Irvin shot the ball extremely well at the Adidas Spring Classic and continued his strong play throughout the spring. The 2013 Michigan commit demonstrated his complete game while leading the Eric Gordon All-Stars at the event. Watch footage of Irvin in action in the embedded media player below.

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Thanks to Inside the Hall for providing some of the footage included.

  • DingoBlue

    Ok Dylan, you were right. I am officially getting rationally excited about Zak. And I will say now that the way he likes to jack threes over defenders off the dribble is VERY reminiscent of TH Jr.

  • Damn he has a smooth pull-up off the dribble

  • gobluemd16

    Boy, does he like to jack it up, but wow he was really really impressive.

    • Usually gonna be lots of FGAs when you cut a compilation of what amounts to all of a kid’s shots throughout a weekend of AAU :-)

  • jblair52

    I really like his defense, rebounding, and pull-up but I wish he would develop his dribble penetration where he attacks the rim and scores.

  • A2JD

    We are all prone to compare players to players from the past so….. I won’t be any different. He’s starting to remind me of Jimmy King.

    • sane1

      Jimmy was uber athletic. Irvin is not. But Irvin is a couple of inches taller, and can shoot off the dribble, which Jimmy did not. Irvin will be bigger and stronger than Jimmy. In short, they are not very much alike.

      • A2JD

        Jimmy shot off the dribble some, especially at that level. Slowly, at Michigan, he became a little different. I’d also say Irvin is looking pretty athletic in this video. His rebounding is really impressive.

  • Big Balger

    I’m going young Jerod Ward,

    • Steve2081

      Jerod ward was several inches taller. Not a good comparison.

  • maxwells_demon

    Was this all of his shots? I’m assuming since you included some misses that it wasn’t just a highlight reel. If so he looks like a hell of a shooter or I suppose he just had a really hot weekend? I won’t pretend to know what I’m really talking about but it seems like to me this kid has a chance to climb the rankings a la GRIII.

    • For the most part, and yes it was a hot weekend. This wasn’t every game he played I don’t think but we were at most of them.