Dime Q&A: Trey Burke on why he came back to Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Trey Burke recaps his decision to return to school with Dime Mag:

Dime: Why did you decide to stay at Michigan and pass up the chance play in the league?
Trey Burke: Well I just felt like it was the right decision for me to make. After talking it over with my family, the coaching staff, we kind of pretty much just broke down the pros and cons of leaving and staying, and I felt like the right decision was to stay. With the recruits we have coming in, with the players that we have coming back, we have a great chance of being a Final Four, if not a National Championship team.

Dime: Do you plan on leaving school for the NBA if you have another good year next season?
TB: If I have a great season, and we go far, I probably will lean towards coming out. I can’t really speak on that right now, it’s too early. But I definitely will look into it and my coaches will help me look into it because they understand the type of situation I’m in.

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  • Bursley Blue

    I love Trey and have always found him humble and mature beyond his years, especially as a freshman thrown into a starting point guard role. This comment kind of had me scratching my head though. Didn’t seem like him to say something so bluntly, not that I even disagree with what he is saying

    “I felt like it was better for me to come back and improve, get stronger, and make a bigger run in the NCAA Tournament. Losing in the first game was tough. Obviously it was a big bust for me because I didn’t have the type of exposure that I could have been getting since I wasn’t playing.”

  • GregGoBlue

    Our Dylan > Their Dylan

  • LongtimeFan77

    Good point Busley. I think his response was in part due to his closeness to the interviewer. He seems to know him well having promised a 17 pt / 10 assist season for example. Trey is both very confident and very grounded. More importantly he is very focused on getting into the NBA. It will be interesting to see him progress next year.

  • mzorstar

    Cut the guy some slack….I’d have a chip on my shoulder if they rated all these punks ahead of me: