ESBC All-Star Highlights featuring Nik Stauskas

Dylan Burkhardt

From DMV Elite featuring a couple clips of 2012 commitment Nik Stauskas (#11, Black):

  • Paul

    Nick had a Great dunk @ the start of the video.  Nice Jumping by this fab Shooter!

  • Scott1222

    Nik is gonna b a great fit here at UM….IMO he’s been under the radar….soon teams will b preparing there scouting report….good handle, court vision and don’t leave him open w/in 28 feet from the basket….and I believe he’s still growing…think he may b closer to 6’7′ when he steps onto campus….kudos to JB and staff for recruiting him…very nice addition….GO Blue!!

    • JBlair52

      Scout has him higher ranked than they had Morris, Burke, Hardaway, Smotrycz and Brundidge.

      He’s good but it’s not easy to crack the Top 50

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    Kid show’s you his whole game every game, straight show stealin’ – just as big K!

    • FLiPCiTyBLuE


  • mitch

    Is it just me, or did those look like 9 ft rims?  High Schoolers are soo athletic these days.  Nick is going to be an outstanding 4 year player for us!

  • Scott1222

    A little off the subject but is anybody else curious as to why no Michigan recruits are playn in the 2012 Jordan Brand classic…..I’m seeing JP Tokoto in this and we all saw GR3 have his way w him in the battle they deemed “dunk fest” between respective hs teams earlier this year…Tokoto is # 70 in the ESPNU top 100….just curious….does anyone know??

    • Scott1222

      No disrespect as many of the top recruits r playing but curious as to where our boys r at….

    • Rkw

      You can only play in two all star games i believe if goin to college.mitch and glenn have played in two games.U can play in all 3 if goin straight to the ASSOCIATION.

      • Scott1222

        Gotcha….thought I’ve seen Bennett, Noel, Shabazz in most of the televised events….mayb I’m wrong…thx for quick respinse…BTW have u seen the GR3 vs JP Tokoto “dunkfest” on youtube?? Crazy…check it out if u havnt…GR3 is in blue jersey….his last dunk was so nasty….

        • Rkw

          Yeah bro i seen it,looked like something off an and 1 mix tape.Lol!

    • Note the apparel branding of the schools that players in the Jordan Brand Classic are attending. 

      • Indiana_Matt

         The shoe wars, baby!

  • Dirty Mike

    I have a feeling Stauskas will have the greatest impact as a freshmen — might need a shooter with the departure of Stu and Novak.
    Wondering what the starting lineup is gonna look like come November

  • Geemo48

    Stauskas looked really good in his highlights. Looks like a solid defender because of his height and looks a little crafty on the drive. I think players underestimate his ability to take it to the whole and he uses his hesitation nicely. And just to add on to the dunk fest, GR3 had the best dunk but Tokoto won the overall. He is freakiishly athletic. 

  • section13row15

    So excited to see these frosh!