Michigan, Amedeo Della Valle move in separate directions

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 combo guard Amedeo Della Valle, who was originally scheduled to visit Michigan this weekend, is now no longer on the Michigan radar. Della Valle tweeted last night that the Wolverines had stopped recruiting him.

With Trey Burke’s return to Ann Arbor and the addition of Spike Albrecht, the Wolverines are likely finished recruiting the class of 2012. If an option were to materialize late, Michigan could add a fifth year graduate transfer (who would be immediately eligible) to the mix to utilize one of two additional scholarships this season without affecting future classes.

The updated scholarship breakdown for the 2012 through 2015 classes can be found here.

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  • JBlair52

    It is fair…I believe the saying goes…”you snooze, you lose”

    can’t wait forever – Spike jumped first

    • Merlin50


      • Mzorstar

        He was never offered because he snoozed on coming to campus. He was told by coach that hhe cant get an offer without a visit. Had plenty of opp to schedule one

        • longhorn_wolverine

          The coaches stalled his visit, not the other way around.  They slow-played him.  I guess they were looking for a true point guard rather than a combo, but had they not gotten a point guard, then they would’ve offer ADV.  Will be interesting if we end up facing him at Ohio State.

        • Danguilm

          I think you will see some 2 PG offense to give us double pick and roll attack points, similar to what the Nuggets do with Andre Miller and Ty Lawson. It is very tough to guard? But if you have good help defense it is worth it. So Spike could get more experience and Walton could slot in the next year for Trey without starting from scratch. Just a thought, but could be good for the program and would fit with beilein’s offense. Obviously we have taller and more natural off guard options in Stauskas and GR3, but this way Albrecht gets run and helps the program as well.


        • Scott1222

          Agreed…and didn’t JB travel across the country to watch him play….

      • Ajerome33

        I think what JBlair52 is referring to is that when you wait until this late in the game to decide where you will go, schools will pop in and potentially drop out (sometimes without even offering) as their needs change.  He wouldn’t be having this problem if he would have secured a spot much earlier.  Doesn’t matter anyways as he was probably going to end up at Texas A&M regardless.  

    • longhorn_wolverine

      Ummm….how could he snooze if he was never offered? 

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    Bummer….Trey coming back is what really matters tho.

  • Adam

    This is interesting, as I thought that they were looking at him as a 2-guard to “replace” Douglass (replace in quotes because who knows how good on D he would be).  Without Della Valle, I wonder if Hardaway moves some to the 2 and Robinson to the 3.  Sure we have Vogrich, but am I missing someone else who is slotted for the 2?

    • Antoine M.


      • Adam

        Oh yeah, that makes sense.  Forgot about him.

  • Matthew Detroit

    Guess this DOES suggest that the coaches feel they’ve got the two position covered. . . between Hardaway, GRIII, and Stauskus M should be okay. 

    • A2JD

      I think Vogrich can logs some minutes there too.  Also, if Spike turns out to be really good, they could go small for short periods with Trey at the 2.

    • SamGoBlue

       IMO Vogrich will start next year

      • Jimmy

        I agree that Vogrich will start, but I don’t think he will finish games. 

  • A2JD

    Time to make a charge for Dominic Woodson!

  • rbilla

    Beilein only give offers after an official visit.  So if he came asap he could have conceivably had an offer before Spike.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    They need to get Dominic Woodson. He’s gonna be a monster.

  • Seniorbearcat
    • Kevin in GR

       Trey Zeigler, didn’t know he’s going to Pitt….

      Glen Rice, Jr would be nice!

      Alex Dragicevich, I thought he was a one time recruit???

      • Swinawer

        Glen Rice Jr was booted from GT. He ran into trouble with the law while already suspended.

    • elreymateo

      Chris Hines Utah and Humphrey from BC are 2 guard who don’t have to sit out a year and both were starters at their respective schools.

    • Yup, Smotrycz, made for the system, he’d be a killer sixth man spelling Morgan and McGary. Oh wait….

      also can’t believe we gave Spike a schollie

  • Mattski

    I suppose this could mean that other players are available. Michigan may be more attractive to some players with Burke back in the fold. 

    • Scott1222

      Good point…

  • section13row15

    It kind of sounds like bad publicity the way ADV wrote that tweet but in the end it’s not like his offer was rescinded or anything like that. Our needs changed when Trey announced his return and when Spike signed, how can someone not understand that?

    • A2JD

      He’s a teenager.  I can understand him being stunned.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    I wonder if this means Michigan in the process of landing a transfer at his position…Wishful thinking maybe but it’s a possibility.

  • A State Fan

    Do you guys think this anger could push him to OSU?

    • A2JD

      Most bucknuts are angry, depressed people so you may be on to something….

    • MGoTweeter

      not sure he is angry at all.  Hard to tell any kind of emotion from a tweet.  I also don’t think he has an ohio offer yet.  But if he does end up there, then good for him.  He seems like a really good kid and would have been nice to have him around here, but needs change.  I’m just sad that I won’t be able to use the acronym ADV for the next four years.

  • A2JD

    Is now the proper time to start a “Nerlens Noel to Michigan” rumor?  ;-)

    • ChathaM

      This is funny to me, only because I’ve been thinking about that wild scenario over the past few days. I see a “shock the world” comment from Noel, and immediately connect that to the Fab Five. I know that Noel knows and respects McGary. I know that UM has a free scholarship. Of course, the dots don’t connect at all when you really think about it. But, man, sometimes it’s just fun to dream.

  • Jeff

    Worst part of this is that I was looking forward to calling him “rock me amadeo”.

  • Deacon

    Looking at the scholarship chart, why is McLimans shown as junior eligible this year and not on next year’s chart?

    • Jeff

      I’m sure they are just assuming he won’t be given a fifth year, which makes sense. If they need that scholarship, it would be foolish not to do that, and is commonly accepted practice.

  • toblav

    This might mean that no one is expected to leave next year and that Austin Hatch is expected with his class.  As it stands now there will be nine freshmen and soph. beginning the 2013-14 season, maybe they think that’s enough.

  • Quick Darshan

    Probably a pipe dream, but Andrew Wiggins would be a great recruiting target.  Not sure if he’s 2013 or 2014, but he was the best player on the court during that Nike Hoops Summit.  He’s Canadian, so maybe proximity could help.

    • MGoTweeter

      number one player in the country, a great recruiting target?  yea i think that one is a pipe dream

      • KRN

        Beilein did visit Huntington Prep a few months ago. Not sure if it was to see Wiggins or someone else.

    • Kevin

      he is 2014 as of now last I heard.  Shouldnt be a pipe dream after he see’s what what Hardaway/GR3 are doing for UM.

  • Jonathanuy

    I thought Askunne is on scholarship now?

  • The Yooper

     Maybe I’m just reading into it a little much, but did anyone else watch the championship game that ADV was in a few weeks ago? It seemed like he had a pretty bad attitude and was a generallly negative person.

  • ScottGoBlue

    I’m surprised by this.  The last couple years seems to give weight to “bird in the hand is better than two in the bush”.  Even if this leaves a scholarship open for 2013 or 2014, seems likely we’ll lose guys to the NBA and transfers between now and next year.  Why not take a guy who seems like a good fit for our system and a 4-year SG?  He’d be a quality depth player at the very least.  Why not?