Video: Tim Hardaway Jr., Matt Vogrich and Jon Horford react to Burke’s decision to return to school


Tim Hardaway Jr., Matt Vogrich and Jon Horford all met with the media this afternoon to discuss the off season thus far, notably Trey Burke’s decision to return to school. Hardaway informed the media that he didn’t request feedback from NBA scouts this season because he had “too much to work on”.

Vogrich and Horford after the jump. 

  • eddieben

    A little shocking to see the new (old) faces of UM hoops–kind of expected to hear reactions from Stu and Zack. 

    • DingoBlue

      No better time to start cultivating the next group of leaders than right now.  Did I hear correctly that Jon is hopeful about being selected for the Men’s National Team?  Good luck to him!

      • sane1

        Dominican Republic national team (his dad is from the DR)

        • jemblue

          Interesting.  Could be a great opportunity for him.

    • Nick

      in the Horford video, you can see Stu coming down the steps.

      So they’re still hanging out at the PDC i guess.

       I wonder what they’re doing.  Can JB do skill work with them to prep em for their pro (semi-pro?) careers?

      Can they still practice with the rest of the team even though their eligibility is up?  I would think they can

      • SamGoBlue

         Yeah, now that their playing careers are up, I don’t believe they are limited at all with coaching contact and with how much they can practice.