Video, Notes & Quotes: Trey Burke on NBA draft decision


Trey Burke met with the media this afternoon to discuss his decision to stay at Michigan for his sophomore season. Here’s video of Burke with a brief intro from coach John Beilein, followed by notes and quotes after the jump.

  • Opening statement: “As you all know, I’ve decided to stay for my sophomore year here at the University of Michigan. After talking it over with my family, my coaches, with some of the players, I felt like it was the best decision for me to stay my sophomore year and compete for a national championship.”
  • On the biggest factor in his decision: “Talking it over with my family, praying over it, I just felt like I could develop more. I felt like coming back to this team next year, we have a great shot to compete for another Big Ten Championship, competing for a national championship, which was our goal last year. Losing our first round game to Ohio was one of the most disappointing times of the year for us and I just feel like we have some unfinished business to do. With the recruits coming in and the returning players, I feel like we have a great chance at a national championship.”
  • On if he heavily considered leaving: “There was a point where I was considering leaving. I was never two feet all the way in. Sometimes I was more toward leaving, sometimes I was more coming (toward) back.”
  • On the logistics of the decision: “It was more for the team, really. I obviously was doing it for me personally, but I just saw how bright the future was for this team.”
  • On when he made his final decision: “I think last Wednesday. I was on my way back home and I was talking it over with my family, with my mom and dad. I just decided that it was best for me to come back. They laid out the pros and cons. I felt like it was in my best interest and in the team’s best interest for me to come back.”
  • On the difficulty of the process: “It was definitely stressful at times. When it got to that type of point, I just relaxed and decided just to look at it as a positive. I know a lot of players would love to be in the position to conquer your goals of playing in the NBA like I have this past year. It felt more like my recruiting process. It was a really tough decision.”
  • On the chemistry of this team: “We already have chemistry. We all get along, we all are real cool with each other, we can play together on the court, so it’s really just building chemistry with the incoming freshmen.”
  • On the advice given by Jared Sullinger and his father: “They were going to support me either way I went. For Coach Sullinger, he was honest with me in telling me that he thinks I should stay another year and come back to school so I can develop more. Jared said the same thing.”
  • On dealing with comments on Twitter and Facebook: “It wasn’t really something I was looking into. I try to stay away from the social media stuff, try to stay away from the comments from the outside. I knew it’d be my decision at the end of the day.”
  • On whether or not Burke talked with Darius Morris: “I reached out to him, I just asked him how did he feel about last year when he was leaving and things like that. He gave me some good feedback and told me to do just what I felt was best. Whatever I did, don’t do it with any regrets.”
  • On improving his draft stock for next year: “That would be a good opportunity. That’s not really a goal of mine, but if it’s there, I’ll definitely have to look into the opportunity. Like Coach Beilein did this year, he’ll help me out in that process. Nothing is ever guaranteed, but that’ll definitely be something I will look into if the opportunity is there.”
  • Bill

    He’s a smart guy. Glad for him.

  • D-Train

    Man, I feel for the team having to stand around so long for this show.  I’m sure they’re ready to have this over with and get back to work.  Hope they enjoy the team-focused celebration tomorrow.  They truly deserve it after a great season.

  • Jeff

    This is off topic, but looking at Morgan and Hardaway standing in the background, Morgan looks like he’s only an inch, two at the most, taller than Hardaway. Weird, because I think their heights are listed at 6’8″ and 6’5″, respectively.

    • JD

      I think Hardaway grew an inch since he arrived on campus and Morgan is probably somewhere between 6’7 and 6’8.

      • Arsena926

        good point I noticed that also Michigan could have some serious length in the starting lineup with a Burke hardaway GRIII Mcgary and Horford (feel like he could take a solid amount of minutes from morgan this year) 

    • Scott1222

      Morgan must have been wearing flip flops or something…LOL..I noticed it as well…

  • gobluemd16

    What will really be interesting now, this was regardless of Burke’s decision, is who is going to step up as a leader.  I don’t see any clear choice, but I think someone out of the group of Burke, Hardaway, and Morgan must do so for this team to reach its expectations.  The group could fall on its face if the freshman don’t mesh well and a leader doesn’t emerge, so let’s hope someone asserts themselves in the offseason.  Regardless, so excited Trey is coming back and can’t wait for next season.

    • SamGoBlue

       That is a good point…I had heard earlier this year that Novak was grooming Trey to be more of a vocal leader next year. All the more reason to be excited for him coming back.

  • Dan Savage

    yall,game recognizes game period….The game vs ohio gives the people on the fence fuel for their fire and good for you…JB with his best recruiting class ever only to follow it up w another outstanding class…in my opinion trey realized what maybe darius didnt….THIS IS FN MICHIGAN and the time is now!!!!! Sure freshmen are freshmen bt jordan morgan getting better and we got horford back too…. plus i know people with any type of basketball knowledge realize that all 3 now 4 recruits this year under the tuteledge of JB might just maybe work out….Just realize today was a turning point and every true go blue fan will  and is going to enjoy the next basketball season, led by the super soph TREY BURKE……Go Blue